GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting – Setup Wizard Walkthrough
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GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting – Setup Wizard Walkthrough

Hey WordPress fans! Today I want to take a look at how to setup a new website on godaddy’s managed wordpress hosting platform. GoDaddy has been doing a lot of work lately on their onboarding process for new wordpress customers and so that’s what I want to take a look at today first off let’s take a look at how to access our managed wordpress sites you can go to the top right hand corner and click the drop-down for your account from here just go ahead and click on my products that will take you to a screen that looks very similar to this you may have more products than your list but the one that we’re looking for is this managed wordpress websites product let’s go ahead and click the green manage button this is things that you don’t already have any wordpress site in your godaddy hosting so this is a fresh godaddy account with a brand new wordpress website go ahead and click the add site button right off the bat good at it gives us two options for the type of website we can either choose a brand new site if we’re starting from scratch or we can migrate an existing site that we may have hosted somewhere else for this tutorial I’m going to choose brand new site for our domain name we have two options if we don’t have a domain name yet we can come down to the bottom and choose you the temporary domain this is one that godaddy creates for us that we can use to set up a new website and do all of our testing before we’re ready to publish it live on to a domain name the second option is to use a domain name that you already own if you have domain names registered with godaddy they will appear here in a lift if you do not then you can also type a domain name that you own perhaps the registered elsewhere and then that’s where this info box comes into play that will require you to update your dns to the new godaddy hosting server that’s only if your domain is registered somewhere other than godaddy for this tutorial I’m going to choose the temporary domain we’re going to get that off set up first and then I will transfer that over to the live domain when we’re ready to watch the fight the next option here is to choose the data center we have two options for north america or europe you want to choose the location that is closest to where most of your visitors will be coming from i’m going to choose North America the next step is to create a wordpress login this is how you access the backend area of your WordPress site to make updates to the website to go ahead and choose a username and create a password and confirm it once you’ve done that go ahead and click install you’ll see this little screen here that says it’s installing it can take a couple of minutes after about two or three minutes it will say wordpress with successfully installed and we can get started or go to our dashboard gonna go ahead and choose get started and see what kind of process that takes me through so here were presented with a nice little wizard setup that we can go through says that we’ve got pre-built websites and themes that we can use as well as a bunch of searchable images in an image library this is just to help us get our website up and running faster so let’s go ahead and start the wizard we’ve got a couple of options here for what type of website we have website blog blog only our online store i’m gonna go ahead and choose website and blog i think that will be the most common for a lot of people unless of course you are running a store and selling products in which case you want to choose online store the next thing they ask for is industry you can go ahead and click this drop-down and then search for the industry that your website is a part of next to be asked to give your website a title the next thing last year here is tagline you cannot leave this blank you do need to enter a tagline go ahead and enter something here you can always update this later once you finish the wizard the next bit of information is in contact info this is to help your website visitors get in touch with you if they should have questions go ahead and enter your email or phone number fax if you have it an address and you can also add your social media profiles at the bottom once you’ve added all your contact information as well as your social media profile go ahead and click continue the final step in the setup wizard is to choose a theme or a design for your website don’t fret with this decision because you can always change this later this is just something right now to get you started good at it gives you 10 options they’re all designed by godaddy in-house by godaddy design team go ahead and just look through these themes you can hover over them and click the preview button that will allow you to see what your website will look like it just has some filler content in here from now because we haven’t had any contract content yet you can get an idea of what this theme will look like then you can go ahead and click the X in the top left corner that will bring you back to the theme wizard and you can preview a different theme so again don’t spend too much time on this if there’s something here that you really like go ahead and choose it and go for it if you don’t see anything here you like just go ahead and pick something and you can always change that later i’m going to choose the first option here as the primary theme once you’ve decided which one you want to go ahead and click on that theme will show you a preview and then click the blue select button here in the top left corner you’ll get this message this is not to refresh the page so that is just installing and setting up your theme it could take up to 30 seconds once your theme has finished installing go daddy takes you to the wordpress customizer and we’re giving you some props here on how to edit your site showing you which areas of the site you can go ahead and change and update this message here it just gives you a brief little note to update your site content layout color scheme and more using all of these options here on the left this is the regular wordpress customizer so we’re no longer in godaddy’s quick start setup wizard we are now actually inside of of word processes customizer here you’ll see as we go through this little wizard it mentioned that this icon right here is to edit the body content on the page so this will open up a page builder in a new window will experiment with that here in a second you can also watch the video on how to customize your site with the customizer let’s go ahead and take a quick look and see what this is our to this appears to be a video from WP 101 godaddy has I believe a partnership with those guys over there they make awesome introduction videos to wordpress Andrew commerce I think they even have some SEO videos as well so they’re a great service that looks like godaddy has partnered with to offer you some intro videos on how to get started editing your website so we go ahead and dismiss that tutorial here you can easily edit your time blind it brings you over here on the left-hand side and the customizer right to that tagline screen if you click here to bring you to the site title the bold statement here we can click on that and this just shows you that there’s a widget here for a hero widget that appears on your homepage you can get edit the title right here or you can edit this area here grab your visitors attention and then also there’s a button here that you can link to anywhere on your website i’m gonna go ahead and take a look at editing the content with the page builder and see how godaddy is working with that the godaddy has partnered with beaver builder to use people builder as their page builder for brand new wordpress customers that sign up for godaddy hosting so this is just acting up if we would like to take a quick tour of how to use beaver builder so go ahead and say yes if we want a quick tour or we can say no thanks if you just want to figure it out on your own but this is a third-party page builder called beaver builder and godaddy is just recommending them and they have pre installed it for their managed wordpress customers i’m not going to go through all of the different options and the beaver builder page builder right now that is deserves a whole another tutorial there’s a whole lot that you can do with this page builder so we’re not going to go into that right now go ahead and close out of this you can put done up here in the top right corner when you’re finished i’m gonna say just discard changes and exit because we really didn’t make any changes in the page dr. when i do that i actually get redirected back to our actual website so this is the homepage of our website at any point in time we can come up here and go back to the customizer by clicking on this customized link up here that takes you right back to the web traffic optimizer and you can edit all of these options here on the left-hand side so don’t wanna go into any more of the work of customizer i will make a separate tutorial for that I really just wanted to take a look at godaddy quickstart wizard process for new managed wordpress customers and it’s pretty smooth overall they walk you through just some of the basics they do ask you for some information that you might not necessarily be including on your site but it’s not too much and is pretty simple to use and they do walk you through it step by step so i really like this go daddy onboarding process I’d love to know what you think your existing godaddy customer and you use this setup wizard before please let me know how your experience when they might have been things that you’ve got stuck on i love to hear your feedback and certainly provide that feedback to godaddy as well they’ve been doing a really good job of listening to their customers and asking people for feedback and it actually acted on a lot of that feedback so far i know that they’re trying to always optimize their onboarding process and make it easy for new customers as possible to get started with the website and get things set up in a quick and easy way so that does it for this tutorial thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you in the next one thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this video you might also like one of these related videos below and if you found it helpful consider subscribing to our channel or check out our website at WP Smackdown com4 written tutorials and guides


  • cletus the slob

    at 2:40 when you created the wordpress account, is that username private? or are others able to see it as the name on blog posts or is that separate?

  • Sarah Says

    Hi there. I've just purchased the WordPress hosting with GoDaddy, but I'm confused as to which WordPress it is now? Is it .com or .org. I'm hoping the latter as I have purchased a theme to add. Can you help with this question?
    Thanks in advance.

  • samhollenbeck

    Hi. I am about to set up a website using GoDaddy's Managed WordPress hosting. If I select the wizard setup, am I stuck with the Free Beaver Builder page builder, or could I switch to the free Elementor or Site Origin page builders? I have read that those are really good page builders and I want to get some experience using one of them. Not against Beaver Builder though as I read it was good also.

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    Future home of something quite cool.
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  • Ace88

    You’re really good at presenting stuff. Very pro. If that was in one take I’m impressed.
    I’m signing up tomorrow when I get paid. This looks really nice and easy.

  • Trending topics hub

    Can you help me when I login on my WP admin they show me site cannot be reached and ip address cannot be found as I am perfectly setup my IP in DNS

  • Rich R

    Just wasted 10mins. You started off this tutorial perfectly showing the Godaddy wordpress install. However, then you morphed this tutorial into showing the WordPress customizer, even telling me what a yes button does and what a no button does. I have no idea what the hosting dashboard is like and what features it contains, FTP, email, ssl, file manager etc. I don't know if it's a custom interface or cPanel.
    Hope my feedback helps you to create better tutorials in the future.

  • Modonika

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    I followed all the steps and got my site ready. I have 1 issue, I can't login into wordpress using my username and password, I have to go to godaddy account and then try to get to wordpress from there. And don't we need cpanel or something with this ?

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