Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting: Is It Worth the Money?

Hi there, it’s AJ here from AJ’s design lab Today, I’d like to talk a little bit about the GoDaddy hosting plans, and in particular their WordPress managed hosting Now, this costs quite a lot more and the question is – are you getting value for money? Does that offer enough features or extra things that make it worthwhile paying maybe 11 dollars a month more than a standard plan? Now, if you have something really pressing and important to do like going and watching PewDiePie, or Your Taylor Swift playlist then I’ll cut right to the chase and say that for most people You may as well stick to the standard plan because you can of course host WordPress on that. But for those who like a little bit more information as to why I don’t feel it’s very for money Then just stick around for a couple more minutes I’m on the GoDaddy homepage, so let’s go to “hosting” and click on “web hosting”. And we’ll take a quick look at the plan that I’ve got myself. Now that’s the deluxe one. I actually started with the economy here and once I decided I wanted to get another website I Upgraded to the deluxe and I’ve got five sites at the moment on that plan and they run fine. You can see I’m paying $14 a month, and I can have as many websites as I like – I’ve got plenty of storage and I get a free domain with it, things like that. So, we’ll compare that to the WordPress managed ones. You can start off with the basic which is six bucks a month or $5.49c for a start, and then $13 once you renew, so that’s pretty expensive for one website and only 10 gig of storage. Now if you want to run say 2 or 3 websites you’re going to have to get this plan here the ultimate and You can see that starts at $12 And renews at $25 a month, so that’s $11 a month more than what I’m paying. What do I get here that I don’t get on my plan? Well, I get less websites I get less storage. Ok. Free daily backups. Now I don’t get free automatic backups. I have to go into cPanel and click a button, big deal! Automatic daily malware You can see that this is using the installed secur plugin… Built-in signup forms powered by gravity forms. Now, I don’t use these because they’re quite expensive although if we talk about the cost it says $84 value Per year, and let’s have a look on the gravity forms websites $59 per year So I’m just not quite sure why They’re saying it’s $84 are they’re just trying to make it sound better? Anyway… There’s plenty of good plugins that give you forms that are equally as good that are free that you can put into your WordPress site, so that’s not really tempting me. The free domain with purchase Okay, where I get that on my plan and any of the other plans you do as well It may not say so but you do. Built-in SEO wizard. Okay, I’m not sure what that is actually but I use the Yoast plugin for SEO which is again free I’ll just skip down to this free SSL certificate for the first year. Now that sounds like really good value because it’s a hundred and ten dollar value. The thing that they don’t tell you is that if you’re purchasing one of the other plans Or any plan you can go on to the coupon sites and you can get $5.99 coupons for this so Really why pay $11 a month extra forever, to save $5.99 it doesn’t make sense. The only thing really that is appealing to me is this one-click staging site But if you don’t even know what that means, you’re probably not going to be using it anyway. So overall I would say for 99% of people Stick with the standard hosting and save yourself some money Anyway if that’s helped you at all then do consider giving me a like and a thumbs up and maybe subscribe if you you’d like to see more videos. Thanks for watching

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