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    Hey guys, what questions do you have about Global Domains International?

  • Nelson Manuel

    Helooo, you will keep placing customers in my downline ? But for how long and can I send traffic to my link too..?..Can I register a domain with GDI ..? Must I have a email responder ..or can I save my leads into GDI autoresponder ? what is the cost per month ?

  • Francis Kwasi

    hi BEN I am Francis Kwasi I registered with you last two weeks ago but I have not rerceived any list you promised free. How do I talk with you personaly . I sent you messages but aal have been returned to me

  • Kelvin Almonte

    Ok, this is what really what makes no sense to me, so you’ve join this company in 2010 you was even making money before and all of sudden you published this video that you’re now making this kind of money. Another thing is that you and anji stop making videos about MCA because the compensation plan went down. That’s a little off, don’t you think? And this company like MCA is been around for years and now all of a sudden that everybody works for this company like it was built this year. I understand that there was no social media back then but now you and anji are promoting this company now when it was built years ago like MCA.

  • BetsyBigNose

    Are you still active in GDI? I tried it years ago but gave up as nobody had any SOLID strategies for building the business, despite in my mind it being quite simple and affordable.

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