Giannis Antetokounmpo hosting Eurohoops! Part 8
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Giannis Antetokounmpo hosting Eurohoops! Part 8

One day we were sitting and watching your games with one of your old Greek teammates and he said to us that you were always talking about coming in the States and playing in the NBA Since your school days you were saying that and the rest of the kids were mocking you Yes Do you remember that era? With other kids mocking you for saying that? Yes, of course I remember this You should get back and remind them that I don’t have to! They know it very well So that’s it… Yes And not only that… Also in my school days… I was not the best student, because.. You were quite good though… I was a smart student I wasn’t doing my homework Because I had to help my parents I had to help my family and I was also spending a lot of time on the court like I do now And I remember my teachers asking me “Why Giannis you didn’t do your homework?” “I had to practice, I didn’t have time” And they always, always told me “What do you think you will get by playing basketball?” “You know how many tried to play basketball and didn’t make it?” I didn’t care “I will play” And I am not telling that in order to give a bad example to the kids For them to say “Giannis did it”. Because they can’t all do it They can’t all do the same Because if everyone could do it, then everybody would be a basketball player Everyone whould be an athlete You can’t always do it But… This is what I remember, because I always believed at myself Always and that started from my family Because my family always believed in me and supported me I mean, my mother was always asking me:”Why you don’t do your homework” “I had to practice” She said:”Ok you practiced, but if that’s your choice you have to practice hard, to be able to play basketball” In the States you have to study in college and also practice in order to be a player Yes That’s the culture in the States Yes I still believe that you have not yet realised the distance that you covered in just four years And the question now all around the world is where you can be in the next four years Of course we can’t know that Yes, but you know what we can know? What will happen today I mean how we can get better today In what we do How you can be better at your work in “Eurohoops” How I can get better… in making shots, helping my team, being a leader That’s it! If we do this today… In four years we will be able to look back You work everyday and that’s why you do everything faster Yes I mean, listen George, that’s for you… like you said before I have not yet realised how much distance I have covered One week ago I was watching… I don’t remember exactly I think it was a song for me at youtube It was Greek? You checked the lyrics? It was in Greek? I don’t remember… Because it’s not only one, there are many two?…and… With a lot of cursing And I was watching… The videos on the side And I was watching… The TV shows about me! It was almost every Greek TV presenter All the time! Names like Menegaki and Stefanidou You could see the shows And since I am not in Greece, I can’t understand what’s happening there around me I can’t only understand what happens in Milwaukee And I was saying to myself: “Man!” I visited a mall during Christmas At the Mayfair In order to buy gifts for my family And also your first Iphone Yes with George and Thanasis And I have the photo And while I was walking, kids were running behind me and they were recording videos I was just walking and a bunch of… something like 30 or 40 kids and they followed me around the shops You like this? ok Of course, I like… to be alone, not being bothered but you can’t avoid this What can I do? Don’t go to the Mall? This is something that you have to manage from now on almost everywhere Yes We could go quietly in the movies We can’t even do that now It remains to be seen if you have to hire security, if you are at this point… I don’t think that this would be you I don’t… There are people from the Bucks who have told me that to have security guards around me when I walk Already? Yes, already They have told me that The Bucks Yes, the Bucks This is in order to keep things quiet around you Yes, it’s not that I am not safe In order to keep fans at bay Yes, that’s the point and they have hired… some guys who were working for president Barack Obama… in the team, because… the brother of Michelle Obama works for the Bucks and we have some people who are incredible at their work For example I was in New York I got off the team bus and I was walking I was walking for ten minutes A distance of 10 minutes I just wanted to buy something from a Greek shop It had Greek biscuits Papadopoulou Greek chocolates, etc I went there, I was ready to pay I turn my back And I see the Bucks security right behind me I didn’t notice them before I didn’t know that Yes, I didn’t know that You look short compared to him You didn’t know that the security was following you? You had not realised they were behind you? Yes I haven’t realised that You didn’t ask why they did it? I was talking with Thanasis on the phone So even now there might be someone from security behind us? No, no! So this happens where you are outside And that means that they have always your back In order to be able to help at any time Yes They were behind me, because I left the bus And everytime we get into a hotel There’s people outside, waiting for us, wanting autographs They want our jerseys And while I am signing an autograph I may even give my shoes And then I walk And this guy may be for 10 minutes behind me, without me taking notice And it’s not.. I didn’t look behind me, I was talking with Thanasis on the phone And when I finally got to pay, I look behind me and security is right there Opa!What’s going on? In Brooklyn the situation would be very similar to what happened in MSG with the Greeks Yes they told me that Let’s hope that the game will end the same way The same way… The buzzer beater at MSG, you forgot it? And then the Greek fans outside… Yes, yes… Don’t worry about the buzzer beater! Just let’s get that win Win, win Giannis thanks for the tour Thank you very much Nikos Thank you guys! We will be seeing you in a few


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