Giannis Antetokounmpo hosting Eurohoops! Part 7
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Giannis Antetokounmpo hosting Eurohoops! Part 7

We were together with your former coach Takis Zivas on a television show What he said? In the Greek national television show about EuroLeague I think that if coach Zivas didn’t use you always as a point guard Since your junior years, when you were not at all ready about this The team lost games, because you were not ready There were players more ready than you for this position During the years of the team (Filathlitikos) in the third and second division Zivas insisted on using you and had a countdown in practice, four, three, two, one I don’t think that the world who now admires you for your coast to coast plays, knows… that you are so good at that and having the instincts of a guard because Zivas and the team did all this without any other purpose they helped you and your family and used you as a guard without gaining nothing at that point, thinking only about your future I believe that they have a big part in your developement and they don’t even like to talk about it Yes I don’t know what’s your view on that It’s like you said Could you do all those coasts to coasts without coach Zivas having a four seconds countdown? I couldn’t do that. Coach Zivas helped very much and not only me My teammates like Gikas, Kamperidis, my brother Thanasis and others Many kids and of course me It was also the general philosophy of Filathlitikos Working with many kids, it’s something that we have not seen a lot in Greece Yes, I do believe that Filathlitikos helped a lot of kids And the club does not take enough credit for this Coach Zivas… I work out every summer with coach Zivas I like to practice in Filathlitikos gym And also during my team with the national team When I had a day off, I went to Filathlitikos practice Because I like to practice with coach Zivas I like the way he teaches kids basketball It’s a pleasure Ok, but what about outside basketball. Your brother Thanasis told me that whoever was coached by Zivas became a better person Yes Not a better player, a better person There were some moments… like a coach… Zivas was getting on your nerves but… Always and now… that I am 22 years old I look back and I see those moments I am not joking Always after the first round Always, both in the junior and in the senior team, he said to me the same thing I am not kidding, he said:”You are down” And i was getting angry! How can I be down? He had said that to me after a game in which I had scored – I think – 35 points with the junior team He said: “You are down, you are not the same player” And he was saying that to me for two seasons During my last year as a junior Before getting drafted and also the year before And I was looking at him… I didn’t know what to say… Should I curse at him? I couldn’t. He was like my father So what I could say? “Yes coach, I am down” He did it for a reason Yes And when I look back I see that at this particular moment Always I was better in the second round Always! Also in the NBA! Last year after the All Star Game I did better. It’s a habbit Do you get what I mean? Small things to always keep me motivated He said to me:”You want to get drafted? To sign with a big club?” “Play”


  • Clutch Plays

    αυτο που μου αρεσει σε αυτη τη συνεντευξη ειναι πρωτον οι ερωτησεις του Βαρλα ο οποιος ειναι φουλ μπασκετικος και ρωταει πραγματα που θα θελαμε εμεις να ρωτησουμε αν μιλησουμε με το Γιαννη, αλλα και οι ειλικρινεις απαντησεις του Γιαννη που δεν απανταει σε καθε ερωτηση με το κλασικο ''νταξει σιγουρα..''

  • dwayne jamal

    they are pushing so hard to make him Greek smh he will always be from Nigeria and you just cant change that. obviously you can see that he appreciates what they have done for him but that alone doesn't change his nationality

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