Giannis Antetokounmpo hosting Eurohoops! Part 6
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Giannis Antetokounmpo hosting Eurohoops! Part 6

Giannis, you have fascinated the Bucks’ fans to a great extend. Do you think that sometime you may be able to the same with the Greek National Team fans? I think that with the All Star Game, the Greeks, other than the fact that they like such things, have showed you their appreciation. And I also think they like you as a person. For the Greeks, being a good player is often not enough for them to support you. I hope. I hope that one day I’ll be able to make Greeks happy with the national team. We only get better with the National team. We are young. Papapetrou, Agravanis, Thanasis, Pappas, everyone. Jankovic Do you still keep in mind last year’s game against Croatia? The one that didn’t turn out good for you. No, not really. As a motivation, purely as that, yes. I just look at the future. The game against Croatia belongs in the past, it’s over. I look at the future. There’s no National Team contest in 2018, the next one is in 2019, should we be confident about this summer? There’s a lot of way to go until this summer. We’re all still playing with our teams. I think that no one is thinking about the National Team at this point, we think about succeeding with our teams. When the time comes, we will think about the National Team. I hope we’ll all be healthy until then, achieve something great and be a team. That’s the most important. As I’ve said in the past, the National Team is not just about one player. It’s not Antetokounmpo, Spanoulis, Printezis, Bourousis, Koufos, Calathes, this and that one. What we need to understand is that it is a team. We play as a country. It’s not Antetokounmpo against Croatia or Antetokounmpo against the USA. It’s Greece against Spain. You mentioned some names, have you seen the videos with their wishes for you? Yes I did! It’s Thanasis. Hey, dude! Thanasis Antetokounmpo: How’s the interview going? Yeah, it’s good. I’ll also talk with the guys, show me. I’ll tell them what a good guy Giannis is, did you know that? He eats all his food! I’ll call you back. We’ve had Spanoulis, Printezis, Calathes, Charalambopoulos talk about you. I haven’t seen them. I’ve only watched the one with Printezis, where he was in the car. We did this together with Giorgos and the whole world was dissing him for sending a message while driving! And he was like: “Alright, I want to talk about Giannis, I take care. Don’t worry!” I saw it, it was great. He’s playing great in Euroleague. Printezis is what we call a “nice” guy. Indeed he is. And a great teammate. The thing for the summer is for you to be healthy. Before that, you’ll surely make the fans happy with the “Antetokounmpros” I think you have something in mind. Indeed, I do. Will you share any of it or you’d rather be sparing? Everything will be revealed in summer. So, should the fans be expecting something? Yes, they should be ready Let’s go outside. So. Here The magic button. You push and after 8 hours of work you get out and go back home. The fact that you come here after the games that you’ve already played and you’re not practicing is quite noteworthy. You come here often just for the sake of it, without having to do anything. You didn’t really practice, you were just here I think you just come in here because you feel comfortable. I was like that since I was little. I was going to Zografou, to Filathlitikos’ stadium and I was spending my time there, so it has become a habit. I come here with my brothers Kostas and Alex Or with my girlfried and we spend our time here


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