Giannis Antetokounmpo hosting Eurohoops! Part 4
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Giannis Antetokounmpo hosting Eurohoops! Part 4

This thing here… I have never won this belt But I will tell you what this belt means After each practice we shoot 25 three-pointers Whoever makes the most Gets this belt. Usually Steve Novak wins it Yes, Steve Novak, I would not lie So it’s Steve Novak Or…. Middleton Or Teletovic Or Terry… That’s why the belt stays usually around here Meaning that here You are close enough We had… Yes, I am close In our part of the lockers we had… Last year They got a brick I had throw it away somewhere there! They had left the brick right here It was Miles Plumlee It was also Greg Monroe, me and John Henson They had left us a brick Right here, it was an inside joke from our shooters You will prove them wrong soon… Yes Every year You have never won this belt? Never! You are an All Star starter, you have achieved so many things… I have never won this belt I will get it one day Do you believe that you can dunk from the free throw line during a game? You got really close You could have done it yesterday but you didn’t watch where you stepped And of course it’s logical during the game During the game I am not thinking about where I will take off Or how I will dunk I am just thinking about how my team will get the win However I believe… Have you tried it in practice? No I have never tried it Maybe if I am all alone in a fast break I will try it one day Still from your dunk near the free throw line it seems that you can do it And also something else that we are joking about it, but I have seen it written in a Facebook comment Is that during a summer in which you will have a free schedule You can forget about anything else and try the Olympic Games and the triple jump Many believe that you are ready for the gold and a world record Here’s where we do our scouting You can see Thon Maker He is kind of tall right? Yes he is! Thon Maker is scouting the game from yesterday Against the Indiana Pacers And usually during our days off, the whole team comes here and we talk about what we can do better and what we should improve And also we do our scouting. Here’s the spot of Jason Kidd And he writes on the wall or he points out in the screen what we should do better


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