Giannis Antetokounmpo hosting Eurohoops! Part 3
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Giannis Antetokounmpo hosting Eurohoops! Part 3

I will show you the locker rooms Have you started thinking about the weekend that you are going to live in New Orleans? At this moment I am not thinking about New Orleans, only the next game Against Detroit It’s an important game Yes, against Detroit I am thinking the game against Detroit I hope to be able to play well We spoke to your brother Thanasis a couple of days ago And? And he told as that this past summer Yes… You talked about your year-to-year improvement Yes… And you were hoping that in a couple of years you will be able to be part of the All Star Game Not being a starter, just being a part of the All Star Team And now, six months later, you are a starter Yes Have you realised that? Can you realise it? Like what happened in the voting The think that happened in the voting It was unbelievable I was logging in the facebook and the only think I could see what GiannisAntetokounmpo#NBAVote I got a lot of help also from Thanasis also helped me a lot! What he did… He was your campaign manager for real What can I say? I will try in every way to become better To work as much as I can Can you realise yet that you will be a starter, having LeBron as your teammate Yes And this a part joke and part serious question There will be the other starters which will be relaxed and a guy ready to block, ready to foul That would be me! You have to try and stay in the game That guy would be me! So… Here During the summer When I miss Athens, I come here for a swim I come in the pool for a swim Since I can’t get back to Athens Or in the Greek islands It’s 12 hours away, so I am swim here That’s a heated pool right? Yes it’s heated Do you also play basketball here? Yes we did After back to back games usually also during our days off It looks kind of swallow, probably there’s depth there Yes right there Which is the deepest point? I think something like 2,5 meters Something like that It’s hot here Let’s go to the locker rooms And here are our locker rooms When I had first come here during my first NBA season I had this locker I was here in August Were we together? I don’t remember You speak about 2013 Yes in 2013, that was my locker That was my first impression here But when I returned in September Because I went back to Greece for the Eurobasket U20 tournament I returned and my locker had changed I was here This was also your locker last year Yes, since then there’s no change What do you have inside? Let’s open it Let’s see So… So.. This is… Here it’s an inside joke like they say in the States We share it with my girlfriend I call here mr. Potato head And she got me this toy Shoes The “Kobe’s” Always “Kobe’s” That’s the new version They seem light They are light and quite comfortable I think that I will wear those in the All Star Game More shoes That’s it The talks with your teammates about what’s clicking or not are taking place here? Yes Come here Most talks happen here But also… The coaches come here? No, no coaches allowed here, they can’t enter here


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