Giannis Antetokounmpo hosting Eurohoops! Part 2
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Giannis Antetokounmpo hosting Eurohoops! Part 2

Usually after each practice I come here Because I have… to get hydrated I drink “Milko” or proteins Usually my choice is “Milko” – Take one – Thanks So… Here! it’s the court of the Bucks as you can see My house I have spend many hours in here I have spill blood, sweat and blood Everything It’s nice it’s a nice feeling because I know that everything started here as a rookie When I arrived my first day and I was in a state of shock because of the US facilities which are totally different from those in Greece and in Europe I was… I was shocked! And it’s just… I have memories from my first day And now, at this moment, four years passed like this so fast There’s a flag for you here The Greek flag and also the flag of Nigeria Both flags always there The banner of the past championship title of the Bucks When you see it, you think that at some point there will be an other one there? I wish! During your era? I wish! That’s the goal! I hope that we will be able to win a championship title I believe that we can only get better as a team We grow up Jabari grows up When he returns healthy. I also grow up, we mature Thon Maker too… I believe that we can only get better as a team Why did you answer to a fan on twitter? And it was a subject of discussion for the Bucks? Have you seen it? He wrote to you that he hopes you will stay so that he will not have to boo you, like it happened with Durant And you wrote back to him “Don’t worry about it” Yes, he does not have to… You know that this screenshot will be kept… You are now “tied” forever No harm done! I have said it in the past and I repeat it now I wish to spend whole my career in Milwaukee So, here it’s not just a training facility. It was also… Meaning you may see just the court but it’s much bigger A cleric school Yes Here’s the storage Where we go now Giannis? In the storage Let’s see Her’es the storage room The sneakers You can get as many as you like right? As many as you like Usually Jabari has the most shoes because he is a sneakers fan Look how many shoes he has Where are yours? I keep mine at home! I think I have some in here You are afraid to leave them here No, I don’t have any. I have taken all at home That’s the sneakers storage room And there’s one more Now Giannis you can appreciate the shoes like when you were waiting for months to get sneakers Yes, of course Here you can have at any moment any model of sneakers you want I will always appreciate those things because.. You also like sneakers much… Yes, I like them But… I will always appreciate them because I know how much I have worked in order to be in this position today and how much my parents worked too in order for me to have all that I have today And here’s the clothes storage Here are the clothes We may get something… Here are the Bucks clothes I usually come here and… and “pick” some I give them to my friends I give them to my family They don’t count them to see if something is missing? Yes they do count them but ok… You can get whatever you want… Yes! Not everything I want! If I ask, sometimes they give me If I am a good kid! If I make some buckets…


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