Giannis Antetokounmpo hosting Εurohoops! Part 1
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Giannis Antetokounmpo hosting Εurohoops! Part 1

We are at the place where Giannis Antetokounmpo spends the most time of his life I would like you to tell us about the jokes you make -Here with Art.
-Will you tell us about this guy? Many have been tricked by him. Greek basketball legend Papaloukas has been tricked, my parents have also been tricked. -When Papaloukas had come in the past?
-Yeah, when he had. When he came in [thinks], when was it? I think 2010. -I think it was in 2002.
-2002? Has it been that long? Yes, yes… Many have been fooled… Me too, everyone has fell for this… So what exactly do you do with him? He is Art, he is our security guy, the stadium guard. He’s fake, he’s not real, and he’s always here. -Always happy.
-All of you greet him. Yes, we do So, we begin. You have spend all those years more time here than in your house, or in planes and other gyms? I don’t know if I’ve spent more time in here rather than my house, but I’ve spent lots of hours here, practicing. So, as you can see here, this is our gym. It was constructed last year. When I came here in my rookie and second season, it was completely different. I’ve named this “Melissa” -Why “Melissa”?
-I don’t know, it just came to me. I’m not even kidding, I’ve named it “Melissa”. I’ve spent lots of hours in here too, lifting. Balances Here… Here… Olympic lifts there. Lots of things. -Which workout do you enjoy the most? I like everything that has to do with Olympic lifts, meaning, sumo squats with the ball on my arms, [regular] squats. In general, everything that has to do with the whole body. -All changes that we see on your body the past four years…
-Here. Most of it has happened here. So… They have even brought a trampoline. This has started mostly for Jabari [Parker], when he wanted to come back from his injury. It really helps you with balance and with burst. Yes, I work out with this too So, you can do different types of exercises It can help you in your burst It even helps your footwork, your stepping. I’ve been bringing Alex here, my little brother And I’ve been teaching him, when he was like, 13, how to jump, because it really helps when you are young and you don’t already know… Because Alex… Alex is 15 years old and wears EU 49 in shoes. And I’ve been teaching him how to jump. It helps, it really helps. So, here, we watch games in the mornings Here we keep the score. Our records, e.g. in Olympic lifts. And it shows us who works out the most and such. Here, you can see the camera. You can actually rotate the screen. Let’s say that I’m doing a workout here. You can go and see yourself. It has 30 seconds of delay. When you finish the exercise, you go there, you check yourself out and if there’s something to be improved. -You see what you’ve done correctly and what not.
-Yes, and what you have to improve. -So, let’s continue.
-Let’s go see your arena and lockers. We have to talk… Here is where we get our jerseys, I’ll show you. Everything is nice and clean, always. We leave them here to Dave. Our game jerseys, The jerseys For the games and…. These are our black jerseys -Which one do you like the most, the green or the black?
-I prefer the black one.
-Everyone does.


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