GhostStrike CS:GO Gamemode Hosting
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GhostStrike CS:GO Gamemode Hosting

I am excited to announce a new partnership
with Pulse Servers who are providing servers in both Europe and North America! This means
that you Americans can finally join in on these playtesting sessions. Pulse Servers
are also offering discounts on their services if you use the code ‘KLIKS’ on your order.
Check out their site in this video’s description! After the recent success of paintball, let’s
try another custom gamemode: GhostStrike, developed by Kinsi! Counter Terrorists start
off invisible and unable to shoot. However, this all changes once terrorists plant the
bomb where it then becomes a visible, shoot-y free-for-all. Kinsi got the idea for this
a while ago, surprisingly basing it around the idea to be able to plant anywhere rather
than the whole invisible element. To balance things out a bit the bomb is only randomly
given out to a terrorist 40 seconds after the round begins.
I thought it would be CT sided, what with them being able to see terrorists from the
word go and being able to shoot them the moment the bomb is planted. But surprisingly in practice
it’s more often T-sided since they can bump in to and kill invisible, unarmed CTs, can
choose wherever they want to plant and can form elaborate box-in strats to protect the
bomb planter. As well as this gamemode we also have the
others that we’ve always hosted, as well as a new Climb server. As usual, they’re
all listed on my website in this video, it’ll only take… oohhh… a maximum of 3 kliks
to join them. And finally, thanks as always to David Randall
for his music that you can hear right now. Just listen to it… mmmmmm! Any way, you
can check out his soundcloud in this video’s description.


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