Ghost Tutorial: Ghost vs WordPress
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Ghost Tutorial: Ghost vs WordPress

This video is one of the the videos in a playlist
called Ghost Tutorials, where you will learn everything about Ghost. Check out the description for the link. In this video I we will compare Ghost with
WordPress. I have tried WordPress as well as Ghost, I
used both of them for a year. But before starting I would like to clarify
that I am in no way saying that WordPress is bad or I don’t like it. I like both the platforms equally. Honestly, installing Ghost is a lot easier
than installing WordPress because in WordPress you need to create a database and connect
it yourself, but in Ghost it can do it on it’s own, you just need to run the command
“npm install” to install all the decencies and type the command “npm start” in order
to start using your Ghost blog. Updating the core in WordPress is a pain for
me because for a few seconds my website is set in maintenance mode, and then I don’t
know weather it will work normally after the update, maybe some plugin will break or there
is a risk that the whole website could break. But in Ghost, the website is not down even
if you are updating the core. It is just a breeze, one should just run the
command “npm update” and automatically Ghost will be updated. When a plugin gets updated, it can break the
plugin or can completely make the plugin not work in WordPress, but in Ghost there is nothing
like Plugins. Also Ghost doesn’t update daily or weekly
so you don’t need to bother about it everyday unlike WordPress. Now WordPress uses a WYSIWYG which means “What
you see is what you get” editor. Not always but sometimes the content in the
editor doesn’t align with the content on the actual page. Other then that, there are several problems
with the editor that WordPres uses. In Ghost we use a simple markup language called
Markdown which is really easy and the layout is exactly same in the editor as well as in
the blog post. Also sometimes the editor in WordPress doesn’t
work, I know that there is a plugin by which you can use Markdown in your WordPress blog,
but again every problem comes with a plugin. One of the downsides of Ghost is that it has
no support for comments, you need to use an external service like Disqus to have comments
on your Ghost blog, but in WordPress that’s there. Where WordPress has millions of Themes and
Plugins, Ghost doesn’t. There are very few themes for Ghost when compared
with WordPress. But in WordPress creating a new theme is a
bit harder then creating a theme for Ghost, because WordPress themes use PHP and Ghost
themes use a templating engine called Handlebars. I personally tried creating themes for both
of them. If you want to run a professional blog or
publication, then most probably you might have a team to write your posts, in WordPress
I feel a bit harder, but in Ghost the process is just seamless for multiple user support. After all, security is the most important
thing for running a website or a blog. Around 25% of the internet uses WordPress
as it’s CMS, but Ghost is not that popular. As a result there are more hackers who attack
WordPress websites then Ghost blogs. On my website while I have WordPress installed,
for every hour at least one hacker from Russia tries to login to my admin area. For hosting a WordPress site, you need PHP
as the programing language, MySQL for database, and a server like Apache. But in Ghost you only need NodeJS. Which is fast. Like after running them on a same computer
with same resources provided, I found myself that Ghost is a lot faster then WordPress,
I tested using the service called GTmetrix. I accept that WordPress has a huge community
when compared with Ghost’s community. So, in case you have a problem, it is easy
to find a solution to your problem with a bigger community as someone might already
have the same problem and found a solution for it. As I have tested, Ghost is less buggy than
WordPress, so you will run into less problems, but even if you did Ghost also has a nice
community. Search Engine Optimization is one of the key
important things to grow your blog, especially if you are new to the business. Ghost by default does it for you, without
installing any plugins. One good thing is that in most of the Ghost
Themes, you will find that the social sharing buttons for a blog post are already given. Where as in WordPress there is no native support
for SEO, and you need to install a plugin like Yoast SEO for Search Engine Optimization
and use a different plugin for getting social share buttons on your blog post. In the next video I will show you 4 best Ghost
hosting companies, so bookmark this playlist and subscribe this channel.


  • Business Momo

    I'm currently with I have checked ghost run websites and all of them are solid fast. But I'm worries that I cannot create custom pages with theme builders like Elementor for custom landing pages. Please advice for landing pages on

  • astrovlog

    Thanks for the video but the background music is horrible, very distracting!!!! Please consider lowering volume or using something with less beats

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    Do you know What I will Add you to my friend channel List.
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  • Orange9001

    nodejs isn't fast, it's extremely slow. PHP7.2 is top tier speed for scripting languages now. The problem you see is wordpress is insanely bloated and has a lot of baggage, it's terrible and slow. Drupal or joomla are faster only because they don't have tons of bloat. ghost isn't faster due to nodejs but it is faster because of how it is made.

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