Ghost Tutorial: 4 Best Ghost Hosting Companies
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Ghost Tutorial: 4 Best Ghost Hosting Companies

Hey buddy, after two months of not making
a YouTube video, finally I am here. That is because I was learning Linux. Maybe soon, in this channel you will also
see some Linux tutorials. With that being said let’s complete the Ghost
tutorials playlist which I left incomplete. Today as I said two months ago, I will show
you 4 best hosting companies where you can host your Ghost blog and get some good performance. Now if you prefer reading the exact same content
which is in this video, please checkout my website where I have written articles for
almost all of my YouTube videos. If you are a newbie to Ghost Blogs or basically
new to creating and managing websites, then Ghost officially hosts your blog on their
servers. If you are new to web server management like
taking backups, running security scans and regularly updating your server and even sometimes
troubleshoot your server if it fails after an update. Ghost will do it automatically for you but
you need to spend some extra money for it. The money you give to Ghost for hosting your
blog will again go into the development of Ghost as the project is an open source project,
so in a way you are helping the Ghost community if you care about such things. If you are a little bit professional, geeky
or even experienced with Digital Ocean, then you go with Digital Ocean because it is cheaper
when compared Ghost Pro hosting. It will be a lot more expensive if you host
more than one website on Ghost Pro. As Digital Ocean has Virtual Machines called
Droplets you can host multiple Ghost blogs at a cheaper rate than compared with Ghost
Pro hosting. But using Digital Ocean you have to maintain
your server yourself and update whenever Ghost has a new version. If you live in India just like me and don’t
want to spend a lot of money right from the beginning then A2 hosting offers great plans
for hosting Ghost blog at a reasonable price. Actually I wanted to buy on A2 hosting for
my personal blog. But later I decided that I will stop working
on my personal blog and rather continue on Another quick point to note is that, for example
if you want to tinker or troubleshoot the Ghost blog and the blog breaks, except Ghost
Pro hosting, nobody provides support for your actual Ghost software. My personal thoughts on Ghost Pro hosting
are that, firstly they are a bit expensive. Secondly they don’t give your the control
of the server. For example, after using Ghost for a few days
you might not like it and want to switch from it to some other platform, if you are using
Ghost Pro, then you need to buy new hosting, but if you are using any other hosting like
Digital Ocean, A2 or even Amazon Web Services then you can just install PHP, Jekyll or even
some other web framework and continue with the same hosting. This gets us to the next great hosting service
where we can host Ghost blogs. Amazon Web Services or AWS in short can host
a very small Ghost blog upto a company’s huge blog. But if you are really advanced in managing
a web server or experienced with AWS only then AWS will give you the control that you
need. In AWS you can run multiple Ghost installations
with only one virtual machine if the machine is powerful enough to handle it. There are fewer companies who can host Ghost
blogs when compared with WordPress hosting companies. For hosting a Ghost blog, you need NodeJS
to be installed on your machine and NodeJS can be installed on either Windows, Linux
or even macOS. From my personal testing, I found out that,
Ghost blogs hosted on Linux are more faster and secured when compared to Ghost blogs hosted
on Windows. In the next video I will show you how to locally
install Ghost on your computer to test it for free.

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