• fiona Allen

    This is really really goooooooooood tutorial. Thank you so very very very very very much making this tutorial. I hope you keep making this kind of tutorial in future as well. I was really worried 1 hour ago how to use Hostgator panles now I am pretty much clear how to use and I am very happy. Thank you soo much.

  • Danice Girl

    I have been listening to your videos and accordingly purchased my domain from NameCheap. I signed up for hosting with Hostgator. I have a new computer with Windows 10 Pro. I purchased an Office 365 Home subscription and installed Outlook 2016. When I log in to Outlook 2016, it won't accept my new email address which is my first [email protected](my domain name). I went on Hostgator's live chat support and it was worse than useless. The first person I tried to chat with sent me to an article which made no sense to me. It was Email Account Configurations or something like that, with no instructions whatsoever. The second person, sent me to a page that ran a Leaf DNS test and said I needed to contact some dns.registrar-server.com company. I need practical advice and I am extremely confused. Can you please help?

  • Jul Ogoue

    This is the most beautiful step by step tutorial on cpanel and hostgator i have ever seen! Even as a web developer myself i can't think you enough for the lecture. Once again sir, beautiful and very well done.

  • O. Isaac Maku

    Pls HELP. When u clicked on hosting tab, the interface was quite diff. from mine. And the link to cpanel wasn't included on the no-reply email I got from HostGator .what do I do? I'm tryna Add-on domain to my HostGator baby plan.

  • Gordon Mitchell

    Hi, thank you for these instructions. I have installed wordpress in hostgator by following the instructions, but the email showing my login address wp-admin goes to a page saying server not found. Can you pleas tell me how I find my wp dashboard? Thank you

  • Sailing Atlantisea

    I have been using Hostgator since 2008 with 30 domains, but they were sold twice in the past ten years, and now Western Domans (subsidiary of Go Daddy) owns them. And their servers are in China? or some where in the international clouds. SLOW, can’t even sign most of the time? And did is say SLOW, except when making payments, then everything works fast. Looking for a new host. Reminds me of my Go Daddy days.

  • Sandeep Rawat

    Please do not recommend this stupid company just to make affiliate money. Do not buy hostgator service, one of the worst speed, it is so damn slow, a webpage takes at least 5 minutes to load, dont buy this for god sake.

  • bhagat sarma

    This video helped me a lot to configure my Cpanel server that I rented from www.datasoft.ws

    Please upload more videos.

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