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[Music] hello guys welcome to Tech2Techy
this video is about getting a free host and setting it up for your domains so
let’s get started first of all Google search 000WEBHOST and open its
website the website says zero cost web site hosting
click on sign up free button and sign up using your email id password and website
name you can use any website name now after signing up and verifying your
email id log into 000webhost there it will show your website list if you
are a new user then you will automatically get redirected to build
website option otherwise if you are registered user you can click on plus
icon and type our unique website name with a password
soon it will say website has been created now it says to build website in
3 ways first by their builder second with WordPress or third upload your already
coded website but before building click on set address bar and go to park
domain section in the dialog box appeared you will see two name servers
which will be and
copy the two name servers and in the domain name section put your domain now
go to your domain registrar for me its dot ticket freenom now I’ll click here
on manage domain and manage name servers now I will paste the name servers which
I have copied earlier now 000webhost will take a day or two to point our
domain to our 000webhost site after it will get done it will show your
domain in the table and also show ready when the domain is ready when you see
ready written in the table click on manage and link website now
click on connect and done your website is live now now we have to build the
website so go to build website tab and click on wordpress a dialog box will
appear asking for admin and a password now you can type any admin name and a
password and also you have to specify where you want to install WordPress and
in which language for me the location is now click on
install it will take some time to install WordPress
now after WordPress has been installed you can go to its configuration page by
going dash login.PHP or it can be /WP
dash admin for me it is
here you will see the WordPress login enter admin name and
password you specified while installing WordPress and Voila! you are in the
WordPress let’s check our newly built site I am going to
and here it says just another WordPress site if your domain looks like
this after installing then your installation of WordPress was successful
so this is all for today the coming videos we will tell you about WordPress
how to write post and configure WordPress themes and plugins
we will also be telling you about SEO and web site ranking in the upcoming
videos so stay tuned and please like comment and share this video


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