• Charles Long

    This guy is batting about 30% in his predictions. He would do better if he said, “it will or it won’t happen.” Then he would be 50% accurate.

  • Thomas Geist

    Mr. Freidman makes the statement – and I believe an accurate one – that the post war American foreign policy is to control the seas and make sure there arrises no European continental hegemony. For those of you that study European history this may sound familiar to you. Why? Because this was the foreign policy of Britain dating back to at least Elizabeth…the first one of course. When a European central power became strong the British would send troops, weaken but not defeat that power and pull out.

    The implications of this might be to examine a non-Anglophile revisionist view of the underlying reasons behind the 30 years war of the 20th Century between Britain and Germany. Space of course does not permit a defense of this but I throw it out as a heuristic idea for Americans to at least consider.

  • Maggie Adams

    Aren't many Americans largely of European decent? I'm only half way through this and trying to understand why he talks about Europeans as though they were an homogeneous group, when up until quite recently Europe was, and still is to a lesser extent, a collection of countries speaking different languages with differing food, traditions etc. France, Germany, Italy were each made up of smaller countries speaking differing tongues in the 1800's. Naturally they had wars just as the people's in the Bible over thousands of years fought wars with their neighbours, Syria, Egypt, Persia, The Hittites, Israel, Moab, they were all at it!. Just as some of the native Americans fought tribal wars. Truth is is that fighting wars is a human, generally male trait, and not exclusively European by any stretch of the imagination!

  • J peterman33

    George is right, a war is coming but a blind man could see that, not much skill in that prediction. Europe and the world will have it's war and it will be terrible as all wars are. Afterwords however will come a happy time with the triumph of the immaculate Heart of Mary over Europe and the world.
    Laugh and scoff at that one George and WHEN it happens in a few short years I'll enjoy seeing the dumbfounded look on your ruddy face.

  • Viktor R

    Mr. Friedman SEEMS like unable to distinguish between "to unite" and "to conquer" (see e.g. 17:50), but he is not an idiot and hence it could have some un/conscious (or just unsaid) reason/purpose… Does he want to throw out a suggestion that Europe should be conquested? Does he mean that conquest of Europe (by various means), which culminated in the bombimg of Yugoslavia by USA? …and continues by invasion of non-assimilable immigrants expelled from their home countries by USA? (and is it just coincidence that those immigrants are mostly men in the age fitting for military service?… etc….)

    BTW, NATO completely failed to defend European NATO member states against this invasion!

  • Brian Barbour

    Quebec is a black hole of political ideology in which the wealth of Canada is poured into. How is that for autonomy?

  • Carla Heimerl

    America is a good example of what Europe could have become. America is a collection of people from all over Europe and the world, living together in peace. Look at the wealth and innovation coming out of America, that could be Europe as well. The brains and work ethic.. it's all there waiting to happen. Now Europe let in excessive migrants, that is going to be the next big problem. There is already a far right element that is gaining popularity. Could this lead to a civil war in Europe?

  • Jtem

    Not a believer. We were more than a decade deep into a currency war, where everyone was trying to devalue their currency, and the "Crisis" in Europe sure helped ruling elite to game the currency… "Oh no! A crisis! Our Euro is worthless!"

  • John Michalek

    The Jews have this cancer they carry with them………Socialism, which has killed many tens of millions. It was a Jewish creation …..Communism that was invented to decimate the European race. One country at a time, starting with Russia. The undermining of European culture with the systematic undermining of family values. Promoting of homosexuality and the end of God to be replaced by Socialism.

  • Scooby Skullx

    I’m glad the Chinese didn’t do bad things before Europeans came to power ! Then the Chinese were blamed for “killing millions of their own!” But that’s after western aggression! Dam you whiteys!

  • Juuso Hämäläinen

    Mr Friedman has been far too long away from Europe to understand it well enough. His views are very American and faulty.

  • Justina Oska

    the most violent periods in Europe took place: after martin luther`s revolution against the Catholic Church /his 95 theses (the slaughter of Catholics), french revolution (the slaughter of aristocrats) and karl marx`s revolution (the slaughter of culture, moral and values) – these all culminated in I and II WW. I am surprised that mr. Friedman doesn´t know…

  • Joseph K

    You sir, are full of BS.
    What are american soldiers still doing in Europe? What happened to word given, that NATO wont spread eastward thowards Russian borders, who exactly is the aggressor here and who is pushing Russians to do desperate actions? Not to mention, that by doing so, you only are making Putin, one you officially don't like, only stronger. What right the Yankees have to dictate Europeans what to do?
    You have no clue what is happening in Ukraine or you deliberately mislead in your statements. If you are just ignorant, try watching Oliver Stones "Ukraine on fire" and then go play ignorant who is responsible for what and if CIA placed stooges in Kiev are not corrupt…
    Under the line, leave Ukraine alone, Hitler was doing the same thing and common people paid the ultimate price…, or stop playing the good guys, because you're not.

  • Brandon Fouts

    Only friends fight wars? Orwell explained it all. Do people read it? What? people think it is fiction? bankers & profits.

  • moally55

    This guys on some new kind of drug, that nobody's heard about. He claims that the Americans are not like the "Europeans", I.e. Europeans are warmongers etc… Mate the Americans are Europeans, they are one in the same. They are all pinky warmongers…. and you my friend have more than likely been raised as a Zionist and not as a proper 'Jew'!

  • Chris Paul

    There is one Common Factor in the Heads of Several Major Banks and the Secretary of The Treasury illegally gathering in one room before blackmailing the newly elected Barack Obama into Triilions of Dollars of Tax Payer Funded Susidy for the International Bankers over the GFC in 2008"Follow. We shall call it The Elephant In The Room or some call it a Third Rail. The President of Business International called it "a Big Bowl of Spaghetti, something that came out of The Middle East. Follow the Money Stupid. I call it Usury.

  • Ran Eshron


  • Chris Paul

    This guy talks around the problems and lies by omission. We have been run by liars and murderers from the beginning.

  • Pincer88

    This is not entirely true. First of, entrepreneurship in Europe is nowhere near as bad as Mr. Friedman states. Europe has more billionaires per capita (indiginous ones) than the US, so that is a falsehood that needs to be cleared right away. Second, if you look at Europe as if it should be a singular entity and then blames it for not behaving that way, you make a huge mistake. Third, you may think that the US is a singular entity, but it's not. Look at how the presidency of Mr. Trump has revealed the ruptures in American society. Fourth: Europe – not as an entity – has dealt with several economic and financial crises and they were every bit as severe as the American Great Depression. Yet each countru dealt with it by itself and not in an concerted effort. Fifth: Germany exports a lot – true – but it also funds much European investment programmes in the rest of the EU, especially in the periphery. One may say that this is – analogous to the Marshall Plan – a way of securing its exports, but then you'd sell the Germans short. Unlike much of European nations, Germany has put more effort in changing its 'beligerent nature.'

    Here's an alternative view. The EU, which started out as a project to secure peace in Western Europe has been hijacked by corporate Europe and changed into an financial-economic project, selling this by saying that free trade would ensure prosperity and thus peace. It turns out, that free trade has empoverished rural areas, caused mass unemployment (because corporations could shift their production easiliy elsewhere), caused massive streams of migrant workers to Western Europe which pushed wages and tax revenues to drop, which in turn obliged nation states to increase taxes, etc. And because free trade was seen as paramount, there was a need for a solid monetary union, which in turn necessitates austerity (Milton Friedman, the other guy) and tax cuts to entrepreneurs, which gives rise to common people to be worse off in 2019 than in 2000. Capital is now far more profitable than labor and capital markets can now dictate what states have to do (inluding the US). That is the true nature of the perpetual crisis, not only in Europe, but everywhere. That spurs social deprivation, which in turn feeds hatred, political turmoil and yes, even wars. Just like the Versailles treaty was the indirect cause of national socialism. Deprivation is the root cause, that enables demons – we thought were long gone – to wake up once more.

    It is not unlikely that fascism and nazism have always been there, slumbering, but it is the continuing crisis and threat of crisis, that makes people embrace them, because they feel betrayed and are resentful. And they'll aim their anger to anything that seems different than the way it used to be (migrants, islam), because that is so easy to see. Meanwhile, the real perpetrators against the people live in bubbles, far away from the daily worries of the common people, out of reach and out of sight and they bathe in unimaginable luxury and power. That mr. Friedman is what's really going on. In your beloved US as in Europe.

  • Pensi Ring

    There are … many things wrong here.

    First, Europe was not an empire, it was a collection of empires. And it had in fact long periods of peace – Germany for example, nowadays considered the most militaristic and ambitious state, fought no wars from 1871 to 1914. Fourty years of peace in europe. So it is completely wrong to say that all europeans lived in fear of each other. Quite the opposite was the case. Everybody was convinced that war would not come, and secondly, that they would win. And the July Crisis was not really that remarkable. Similar crisis had come before and were solved diplomatically, without any bloodshed. What was different this time was that this balance was threatened on two fronts. First, Germany had risen to become the most powerful empire, at least industrially, and was seeking to do what all the other empires had done before: Act on a global scale. Secondly, Austria was facing a slow but steady decline into meaninglessness. There was a lot of conflict in the air, because there was peace for so long. France felt humiliated and faced a similar decline, Great Britain was losing relative power in the face of a rising Germany and US, Russia was just Russia (some things never change). So, naturally, everybody tried to either better their standing, or not lose their position. That is really important, because Germany, being the youngest of the empires, and the strongest, had no natural allies besides Austria – who only were natural allies because they were also German, but they were weak. Much like the Ottoman Empire, the Sick Man of Europe, the KuK Monarchy was at that point a paper tiger. So Germany found itself surrounded by more or less hostile nations, with only one ally. And that ally was intent on regaining past glory. The Austrians basically gambled: Either they win the next war, which means renewing their empire, or they lose it and go down in flames, but they would also go down if they do nothing. And Germany was stupid enough to stand by their ally. The rest is history.

    Second, IF the diplomats of 1914 had nuclear weapons at their disposal, there would have been no war. It wasn't better diplomatic skills or sober tempers that kept the Russians and Americans from fighting, it was the utter dread of complete nuclear annihilation.

    Third, Europeans have been extraordinarily violent. Woohoo, here we go again… I guess he just ignores the American conquests and the native genocide to prove his point. He also ignores literally EVERYTHING ELSE. The only reason that Europeans seem violent to him is because he does not know any other history. You just have to look to China, the middle east, India, or really any other place that has produced civilization, to see that all of them also produce war. Need I remind you all of the Azteks? Who where so violent and hated that neighbouring countries banded together with the european conquistadors and wiped them from the face of the earth? And America is only pacifistic in the way that Europeans were pacifistic up until WW1: They fought all their close wars already, beating everybody surrounding them into submission (plus their civil war), and once they asserted complete dominance over their neighbours, they started to colonize the world and fight their wars on foreign soil.

  • Ola Smith

    Regarding Ukraine, why do so many 'intellectuals' always insist that the orange revolution was staged by USA, ….is the assumption then that Ukrainian people are all pro Russian underlings longing to be always under the Russian boot?…..OMG!, could Ukrainian people ever possibly want to be autonomous, I guess Friedman can not imagine that scenario, perhaps USA staged something, but freedom loving Ukrainians just perhaps might want to have the same freedoms for self determination as many other Western European states do.

  • Doug Ryan

    There are many things right here. Europe needs to start paying for It's own defense and I whole heartedly agree that Europeans calling the US "Cowboys" is laughable considering they themeselves wiped out 100 Million of their own population in the last century alone. There is a reason why there are no competitive technology companies in Europe. I love the place, I love a lot of European people — Being a Canadian (A very new country) it is so nice to see old culture, however, It is so evident that Europeans have so many conflicting Interests that It seems Impossible to form a coherent government body.

    I see the value in maintaining Nationalism but I also see value in uniting, but it's so fraught with difficulty that I do not think It's going to happen. All the best and all the luck (You guys are going to need it!).

    The Canadian 🙂

  • Wilfried Dehne

    I am a German immigrant to the USA since 1963. Managing a German automation supplier / builder in the USA gave me insight in German and USA problem solving. USA and Germany have provided a good standard of living for most of their citizen but not all of them. The constant struggle to improve the lower income population is a serious challenge. Worrying what this constant struggle does to other countries takes a back seat. I do not see any solution from Mr. Friedman's video.

  • Ham Bone

    Mr. Friedman does not understand the root causes of the 2008 financial crises. He relies on platitudes and cliches. Pity.

  • James Bowery

    The Peace of Westphalia allowed people to migrate to worship as they pleased under different jurisdictions. This ended a slaughter of enormous magnitude that went on for a long time due to the imposition upon Europe of moral authority centralized in the church. We have a similar theocracy at work today its theologians debate over the minutiae of cause and effect in various social policies. Meanwhile the will of the people is violated in such a grotesque manner as to stun the most hardened cynic. For example, in the US over 90% of the people opposed increasing the rate of immigration and they did so decade after decade. During this same time immigration increased relentlessly. You cannot, after this kind of history, pretend that immigrants are being merely scapegoated for other problems. The foundation of civilization is consent primarily of the young men. The EU didn't have to open its borders to non-Europeans to achieve the desired benefits. There will be Hell to pay and those who contributed to this situation, immigrants, their source nation leadership and the elites of the West are going to pay the price no matter where they flee in the world. Jews, in particular, should have learned their lesson in this regard 6 million times over. Face it you blew it.


  • Stop Invasion Of Privacy

    The emerging crisis in Europe is unraveling exactly as it was planned 50 years ago by the same people who sent this Bozo to try and brainwash us into another crock of shit!

  • Tee

    First the Germans are the major threat. Then the Russians are the major threat. Now the Zionist Jews are the major threat to mankind. What white people will be next or will they destroy mankind.

  • Chuck Pitts

    Jews are collapsing the world for their jew world order that they want no matter how many Christians have to die in the process! This video is just more jew victimization!

  • Elliot F.

    Wars are not fought with people you don't know? How about all the wars of conquest of nations around the world? Here we are 4 years later and Europe didn't fall apart…yet. Europe has other problems like confronting efficient Chinese production and unfair trade practices. They are also contending with an unprecedented amount of underproductive people who are on the dole.

  • Robert Half

    And the Blessed Virgin said in Fatima that war is a punishment for sin. That WW1 would end soon, but a worse war would erupt IF MAN DID NOT IMPROVE HIMSELF. Man did not, and the aurora borealis, the "light in the sky" that the Blessed Virgin said in Fatima would precede the onset of WWII, was seen all over the northern hemisphere, where all the major contestants exist. https://www.fatima100.fr/en/the-newsletters/285-20-the-sign-in-the-sky-during-the-night-25th-to-26th-january-1938

    Since satan was unleashed by the Almighty on Oct. 13, 1884 because of our sins, (AND NO ONE EVEN KNOWS WHAT SIN IS ANYMORE!!!) in the hearing of Pope Leo XIII, he has had a free hand to baffle the uncatechized. Which is everyone. She said in Her message of 13 July 1917:

    "You have seen hell where the souls of sinners go. To save them God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If you do what I tell you many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war will end, and if men do not cease to offend God another worse one will begin. When you see a night lit by a strange unknown light, you will know that it is a sign that God gives you that He is going to punish the world for its crimes by means of war, hunger and the persecution of the Church and the Holy Father. To prevent it I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart and the reparatory Communion of the First Saturdays. If My desires are fulfilled, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, she will spread errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church; and good will be martyred and the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated. But in the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me and she will be converted and the world will enjoy a period of peace. In Portugal, the Dogma of the Faith will always be conserved. You must not tell this to anyone except Francisco."

    Pray the Rosary.

  • Robert Half

    Islam is infesting Europe for the simple reason that abortion, birth control, fornication and the destruction of the fundamental building block of a society, the family, has been destroyed by widespread divorce. Since government has now legalized the suicide of western society by making abortion legal, Isaiah 10:1-7 comes into play. Read the Mind of the Almighty, against Whom there is no recourse:

    10:1. Woe to them that make wicked laws: and when they write, write injustice:

    10:2. To oppress the poor in judgment, and do violence to the cause of the humble of my people: that widows might be their prey, and that they might rob the fatherless.

    10:3. What will you do in the day of visitation, and of the calamity which cometh from afar? to whom will ye flee for help? and where will ye leave your glory?

    10:4. That you be not bowed down under the bond, and fall with the slain? In all these things his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.

    10:5. Woe to the Assyrian, he is the rod and the staff of my anger, and my indignation is in their hands.

    10:6. I will send him to a deceitful nation, and I will give him a charge against the people of my wrath, to take away the spoils, and to lay hold on the prey, and to tread them down like the mire of the streets.

    10:7. But he shall not take it so, and his heart shall not think so: but his heart shall be set to destroy, and to cut off nations not a few.

    "Not a few," like Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand? Hmmm … and Armageddon is shaping up nicely in the Middle East with Iran with its back against the wall, due to the economic warfare being waged against it by the Trump administration, is holding British oil freighters hostage in the Strait of Hormuz.

    Pray the Rosary.

  • Jeffrey Gillespie

    Looking at the analogy of the winter Mozart concert that Friedman mentions, it's less about the fact that only the West could produce such an event and more about the people who are left outside, far from the music, in the cold and dark, and remain that way as a direct result of the West's cultural dominance. Even Mozart, if contextualized, is fascist.

  • Ea Jordan

    Jews kidnapped my children. I'm a us citizen no abuse , no arrests, just fucking kidnapped my kids and suppressed it from the media like the fucking pedophile cult they are

  • michael armstrong

    the people of the former Yugoslavia know well that the ;monster's are alive and well and just waiting to be released upon our 'civilized society.
    why aren't the people of the Nederlands marching off on aggressive adventures every generation, on a per capita basis they are the most productive people of Europe per the economist magazine/ plus multi=national corporations are now replacing national economies in the top 100 according to noreena hertz in her book 'global capitalism and the death of democracy'. maybe this black swan might throw a wrench into the old model/ on the other hand your premise is certainly very compelling, i am checking under my bed for the local monster as i type. maybe why my keyboard no longer let's me use upper case hence no capital letters.

  • dominic k

    So his parents did not have to run from the Nazi but they from for the communist, oh I understand he is from 1949 and is the proof that the holocaust wasn't that bad for Jews,Communism was a greater treat for them hahahaha.

  • hunati31

    Forget about this idiot
    Check out the USA crisis from a real man Peter Schiff. He does understand the whole problem and explains it so well. What a straight talk.


  • Jerry1234 JJStrnad

    first nobody likes the despotic undemocratic EU
    EU only wrks bec. the west again recolonised the slavs !!!
    germans are the assholess who exploit everyboy, italiens spanish and other effers are pemaently bancrupted due to ther inheit natural lazyness and sence of entitlement…
    and the destruction of slavic culture by west is nothing short of genocide much similar to the genocide in lat. america, first nations in nor america…
    we, the slavs are at war with mostly germay and the rest of the bunch !!!
    wehad our own slavic calendar currently at year 7527…
    the poet pushkinwas still signing his letters in the old calendar…
    funny how you a avoiding the subject of hate of germansto slavs and how eastern europe is/always was treated by germans and the rest of the bunch…


    only rich western engeneers have 5000 e/month… if you are from the east you will get payed for the same job 3000 e…
    God i can´t listen to this anymore…

    245 00 Книга житій святыхъ.  

    245 00 Kniga zhitīĭ svi︠a︡tykhʺ.  

    246 3   Житія святыхъ

    246 3   Zhitīi︠a︡ svi︠a︡tykhʺ

    264 1   ВЪ Москвѣ : ǂb ВЪ сѵ̈нодальной типографіи, ǂc 7396 [1888]

    264 1   Vʺ Moskvi︠e︡ : ǂb Vʺ Sẏnodalʹnoĭ tipografīi, ǂc 7396 [1888] [date is given in  

               Mundane Era; date in Gregorian calendar is added in brackets]

    500     Date appears in Church Slavic letters in Mundane Era calendar. [note added  

              on the type of calendar used in the resource]

  • 1humanagenda

    @realDonaldTrump can you see this ?

    Arbeit Macht Frei… #BIS


    https://www.globalresearch.ca/history-of-world-war-ii-nazi-germany-was-financed-by-the-federal-reserve-and-the-bank-of-england/5530318 …

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/bank-of-england/10213988/Never-mind-the-Czech-gold-the-Nazis-stole….html …

  • Keith Rodgers

    Well I have to admit he starts out on the wrong platform. If your born in 1949 you are not a holocaust survivor. Which also entails myths about the slave labor camps as death camps. What's omitted also is that the drunken bastard Churchill who was funded by the Focus group in London (Jewish) Is that had Churchill now supported by them to keep his fortress afloat with all his servants living on 500 pounds a year. That had he accepted the May 1940 peace offer from Germany, that due to his politics that millions of people would not have died in a war Churchill that drunken bastard could have prevented.
    Lets move to another non-European front. Just in my lifetime along these United States through their dirty covert CIA "Death Squads" and wars of aggression have murdered over 20,000,000 people which is more then Germany killed. The Red Army was the worst. The Church committee has confirmed all this. Known as the Shadow Government of Oliver North. And in full detail by one of the highest ranking former CIA to come forth – Stockwell.

    Now as an Empire… The United States who can't have or maintain a Republic and Empire at the same time. Has destroyed itself from within while engaging in all those global wars based on total lies. Let along that entire hoax of bringing democracy to some targeted country. Governments don't want democracy including these United States. Then comes the lessor of the so-called Victim-hood. That same Church report shows that between the US and Israel's arms transfers as well as drugs (Contras) And other sales of arms to ferment other wars based on lies, that the stated goals was not only to destroy a country, but to leave stay behind forces all thorough Latin America, Asia and the Middle East so that there is NO Social reforms. Instead arms are sent in to create and fuel what the press calls a "Civil War" which if you take Syria for example… Members fighting from 50 countries in Syria is NOT a civil war domestically. Yet Billions of US dollars in Arms sales flow into area and neighboring states/countries.

    Now to the Crux of the story. MLK, Mohammad Ali and Pastor Wright known for quoting a White man when saying, "Americas Chickens have come home to roost." MLK was anti-War. Murdered by the FBI. Ali who said, "None of them Vietnamese ever called me nigger." and Wright who said, "God Damn America." The News like FOX only highlighted that portion to incite racism. But we have the 3 voices of those oppressed people's race, that added with all those CIA illegal wars with Latin American countries. That the Immigration problem exists today. Like the allied terror bombing in WWII. The roads of Europe were lined by the millions of those fleeing those illegal bombings. Targeting a civilian population is a War Crime. Forward to YT here where the Zionist's openly admit that Immigration is number 1 on their agenda. Yet in Israel that's not going to happen. As Trump said, the walls Americans paid for in Israel work… You'll see the doublespeak now.

    So Everything the United States has done to the world it's own Chicken's are here to roost. Look at cities across America. Tent cities can been seen from space, people are shitting on the streets. 55,000 bridges in need of repair or replacing, millions starving, active duty Marines and Special Ops are well as Recruiters and Veterans are committing suicide en-mass. The VA allowed 307,000 veterans to die. 40 Farmer suicides a day, farming closing down when only 2% work to feed 330 million Americans so yes, as Trump said, "Corporations need Immigrants." Nothings going to change. Inasmuch as businesses that were forced to pay $15hr wage are just shutting down instead. "Seattle is Dying" here on YT shows the extent. Guns dropped in crates in Chicago to fuel crimes and shootings.

    The above is all a distraction to the death of America which has also been like the war on the 3rd World that America also is being stripped mined by Corporations. Retail store closings into the thousands. Oh and Trump's claim about China taking advantage of the US is totally bogus. We'll skip the US Missile tech sold to China by Clinton and Israel. But US corporation FIRED American workers who lost their apartments, homes, vehicles and credit. So that those corporations could offshore those jobs to China for lower taxes and that cheaper slave labor that replaces the American workers who today can no longer afford their lifestyles and the retail collapse is here. Over 7 Million are 3 months behind in car payments. Kids are moving back with their parents. Add recent flooding, loss of grains, livestock and farming lands with floods. That is is going to get really tough to feed oneself let alone family. And now all governments are going to strip mine the pensions that others worked for decades to secure for their retirements. The easy thing to do is to blame Russia? Or look to those politicians who sold out to the lobbyists?

    Final example: Rand Paul talking with Wolfe Blitzer that the US needed to end its proxy war on Yemen. Blitzer screamed about the job's in the arms industry. So Paul wanted to save lives? Yet he voted down a support bill for those Fire fighters of 9/11. But yesterday was screaming for a tax break for the bourbon maker in his area. Its all about the money and keeping you drunk, loaded on their CIA drugs so you stay at home and not on the streets demanding reform. They hate democracy.
    P.S> Research his lies about the Ukraine. The US using $5 Billion overthrew a democratically elected government. That leads to Crimea's succession by internal law and rejoining Mother Russia. Demographics also prove that all Ukraine is Pro-Russian as they were mostly born before the fall of the Soviet Union.

  • Shea Mulhall

    That's the problem with these predictive videos , when viewed from the future ,

    they somehow seem to miss the point.

  • Yasmine Huyghebaert

    America prints money too, Europe too, if there will be a collaps, which is coming soon it will be worldwide, undortunatelly

  • Yasmine Huyghebaert

    I lost my grandfather in war, my dad was 4 when he lost his daddy. This trauma never leaves, it stay in your cells even after several generations. My grandfather was brought into a camp, died somewere but my father and grandmother never found his body. His other brothers were also in camps budt they came back. These are heavy traumas. Now Germany is still a. country that I never connect with because of this. I know Germany is not Ok, some say that merkel is the daughter of Hitler, I know that they have always been steong in technology and that the nazi s moved to America after the war to work for NASA like Werner von Braun. It hurts that you speek like we are all evil, but the evil is on the top not with the normal people. Greed and power, that is what they want, we are just numbers, slaves. We have always been that, I know there is going to be a collaps, but this time it will be worldwide. We all have to get through because of all the money printing, the lies, the corruption…..but we all he e to get through it. My grandparents lost everything during war, my parents lost everything during crisis and probably we will lose it too, but better to be aware of whats coming then be unaware, then the shock will be so severe.

  • Avner Rosenberg

    The left so presumptuously wears the moral feathers. It never worked, it doesn't work and it will never work. All it is, is the most murderous doctrine of the 20th century. It is the vicious wolf attempt to hide in a sheep's skin.

  • Fawad Charkhi

    This fucking Jew talked about European wars then causally says Spanish civi war, Russian civil war and then holocaust NOT ww2. Wow! He simply dismissed ww2 and European sacrifices that saved the unappreciative Jews like Persian saves Jews and now suffering because of Jews. What goy European to not learn from history. Jews have no place anywhere else but where Goys live or make people goyimised and then parasite on them. By the way I am not European but I live there and I appreciate the good actions of Europeans and strongly against their evil deeds. The genetic genetic defect that Jews have they only can blame themselves for their suffering because just what they think and do and hope with multiple faces. Jews god cannot be proven and all Jewish religion books and race are fictions built on faction of their god. Never built your arguments on fake foundations and never try to protect and defend or built more on it, you better question it.

  • crystal cactus

    ww1 started. 1914 after a jewish radical assassinated fernindad ww2 really started in 1933. when international jewry declared war on Germany jews were arrested on the George Washington bridge in u.s. they were driving a truck bomb on 911. other jews were arrested cheering & filming planes hitting towers. later they claimed on Israeli t.v. they were sent to "document the event " if only there was a pattern in these events

  • Ludwig van El

    The crises are entirely political in origin. Because we, the people are fed up with the abuse foisted upon us.
    If politicians had not started misbehaving the way they had, the people would not mind them being in power. But what use is power, if not to be abused?
    The whole point of the EnU (European Non-Union) was to steal from the richer half and give to the poorer.

    So to divide the continent in two camps. How is that Union? It unites the people in each camp, against the other camp, or against the politicians (those that react less instinctively)
    Proofs: Brexit, Yellow Vests are results of frustration.

  • Ludwig van El

    The "confiscatory" tax system in Europe is anti-democratic: it's power OVER the people by the politicians.
    By definition, every government is dictatorial (they dictate the laws), but the EU takes it to a higher level than e.g. Louis XIV.

  • Kevin Diaz-Lane

    Google is evil – to every Google employee – you are complicit by continuing employment with an un-American Corporation.

  • Dr Soul

    How come they didnt give the jews Germany ? And why are the jews butchering woman and kids and why did the chef Rabbi tell the troops its ok to rape Arab woman ?

  • Alina Tarasyuk Russian Refugee

    What a windbag this guy is. Europeans are total destructive savages which is why they have fought the most and most bloody wars all over the world. This narcissist like any euroid wants to suggest that by invoking Mozart he can pretend they are anything less which is a comical joke. Cultures have produced the likes of Rumi but this windbag would not excuse their wars as he does those of euroids. Euros did not give us humanity, buffoon. People have known of other peoples and cultures long before euroids got out of their euro cage and began ransacking all mankind. This man is a historian? Really? BTW the vast steppes of "russia" are mostly in Asia.

  • Tom Jones

    German hating crap from a Jew.

    Statistically the UK and France have undertaken more wars of aggression than the Germans in the last 500 years.

    The very stupid comment that Europeans would have gone to war in 1914 or 1939 if they had a massive nuclear arsenal …unlike the more RESPONSIBLE Americans or Soviets is laughable!?????

    The nuclear deterrent of mutually assured destruction would have worked just as well in 1914 as it did in 1962. And to suggest the Americans are not warlike or irresponsible with a long list of stupid wars from Vietnam to Iraq causing a big mess is also laughable!

    A flawed speech…his American Jewishness on full display.


    African Civilizations were the FIRST to bring humanity to this earth White Europeans bought WAR, VIOLENCE, RAPE, COLONISATION, PILLAGING and INHUMANITY to this Earth. Europe were the ultimate inventors and innovators of how to Destruct a People and this Planet



  • Dubcel1

    Sorry George. I don't buy it. Propaganda.

    One unfounded assertion after another. No academic rigour whatsoever. Just emotional rhetoric. Eg: Breakup of Yugoslavia and the ensuing civil war. Russia invades Ukraine, or the Causes and "the Europeans are at it again." The US Government has been picking fights all over the globe since 1945. The EU is not a belligerent. It's 4.5 years now since you made the speach and the EU is looking pretty decisive. The EU will endure and it's structures will enure, for a long time to come.

    "How would the Council of Ministers agree on anything?". They do all the time.

    "50% of German GDP comes from exports , and 50% of those exports go to other EU states." So George, 25% of German GDP comes from exports to other EU states. Big deal! Compare that to California and the picture is not much different. California also does fiscal transfers to poorer American states. Like California, Germany also imports from other EU member states. It's a big single market. Remember.

    DE/Benelux/Scandinavia, AT, Czech, Poland etc regularly export more that they import, and have balanced budgets. That's because they they produce more than they consume. Americans consume more than they produce and borrow to make up the difference.

    Take all the EU member States formerly behind the Iron Curtain, then add the "Meds" previous under military rule until the 1970's (Iberia and Greece,) add Ireland, and you got a total population of 160 million people who have never had it so good. Their environment, built infrastructure, health and education systems have also been transformed. Likewise their Human Development Index. For them the success of the EU is a no brainer, especially for young people. 2008 was traumatic agreed. But since then progress has resumed. The other EU member states are still richer because they got a 45 year head start, and because they continued to grow after 1990. This even applies to the UK, although it had been losing ground for quite a while.

    "Problems embedded in Europe!" get real.

    "We're now back at the nation state! No government trusted the ECB to be impartial so the National Banks did the the QE". More nonsense. This is your crowning moment of nonsense. The national banks worked in concert and knowing better their own domestic banking sector better administered the QE more deftly. Yeah! Sure regulation was too lite and had to be tightened up. Same in the US.

  • Raymond Parsley

    This is the internet at its best, as a tool for educating and informing…exposing us all to great minds like that of George Friedman…. Truly interesting. Thanks.

  • Philip McNeill

    He said it all when opened his propaganda. His father was a Zionist, he has followed him in their Globalist ideas. Fear, fear, fear!

  • Andreas Bimba

    A very interesting talk but to make the insights even better Mr Friedman perhaps needs to learn some macroeconomics as some distorted conclusions were made regarding governmental debt and regarding bonds. The mainstream understanding of these issues is fundamentally unsound. The Modern Monetary Theory economists and the key central bank insiders do know how governmental finances work.

    May Britain have Brexit and become the first member of the European Union of Nations – EUN, where each nation for macroeconomic reasons again has there own national sovereign currency. A national sovereign currency enables the value of a nation's currency to float relative to others which prevents excessive trade imbalances and secondly the proper use of fiscal policy to keep unemployment low or better still maintain full employment using a MMT compliant Job Guarantee buffer stock system.

    Thirdly more independent nations within the EUN should be able if they wish, apply trade restriction measures, tariffs, quotas and provide support measures and subsidies if deemed suitable, to enable preferred national industry/economic sectors to develop, or survive, so all boats can rise rather than the race to the bottom which inevitably arises in true free trade zones. It is however likely that most nations within the EUN would favour a 'predominantly free trade' approach within the EUN for the productivity, economy of scale and wider consumer choice benefits. This trade approach is more of a balanced middle way which in the end delivers better outcomes than an excessively protectionist or excessively free trade approach.

    The nation state is here to stay in Europe but ideally within a preferential and cooperative EUN. Russia, Ukraine, other Central Asian and Caucasus nations as well as Turkey could conceivably eventually join an EUN whilst the current military alliances could remain in place and hopefully all member states eventually become less confrontational. This could also eventually be a better geopolitical counterbalance to China.

    Bill Mitchell and Thomas Fazi's book 'Reclaiming the State' is highly relevant to the topic of Mr Friedman's talk.


    My rushed together article is also relevant:


  • Bilbo Baggins

    Many things wrong here. The English never tried to conquer Europe.. It is not at all self evident that countries should unite as you suggest. The US is one country through a unique accident of history, not because countries tend to want to unite. Many other errors. OK. so you like the US. We got that. Not everyone admires the US as much as you do. No mention of NATO. I might have bought your book if I hadn't heard you speak.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Sorry to comment twice, but he's so ignorant about so many things! He bemoans European wars but glorifies the North crushing and conquering the South in the American civil war!

  • positive economic reform ideas.

    No government can ever run out of its own currency in order to pay its own sovereign debt, what it cannot do is always pass this debt to its population! That is absurd as it is a sum that can never be made because the debt PLUS INTEREST will always be ahead of the ability for any population to pay down by its nature. That is why governments must write down their own sovereign debt in the same way as it is created, "out of thin air" or "as is". Government is the only body that can be authorised to do this.

  • Protestant Forever

    Read the book The Great Controversy by Ellen G White and you will discover that from the prophetic point of view, and also from the bible final events view he is 99% right.

  • William Occam

    If this collection of platitudes is the state of the art of US political thought – no wonder the world is were it is today! Exporting goods is still of far more use compared to shipping electronic or paper money abroad!

  • Dave Seville

    14:47 / 1:01:24 what about Raja Raja Chola from South India he traded as far wide as Java and Southern China, Vietnam and with the Mediterranean world in Egypt and having a trade surplus with the Roman Empire, not forgetting to mention ties he had with Africa in Aksum and modern-day Somalia Eritrea in the Horn of Africa, wasn't that a way of 'discovering humanity' that we are all in twine with each other and are sharing things in common and that we are a common species???

  • Tina Patton

    IMAGINE Century 21 thus far with NO:

    1) Anti social RIGHTard U$/UK/ZioNazi Inside Job/False-Flag 9/11
    killing thousands of their own. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXYswf3lzU8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XHm56O2NTI

    2) $elf justifying their mid-East FAKE Wars MASS MURDERING MILLIONS in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, Syria, including pregnant women, babies & innocent kids.

    3) Mid-East FAKE wars causing an ongoing MASS MIGRANTS crises, plus Isis in pro social VICTIM modern-EU.

    4) NO 2008 ongoing anti social U$/UK/ZioNazi CRIMINAL MAFIA Bank$ter$
    World Crash losing TRILLIONS while TRASHING BILLIONS of jobs & lives Worldwide
    – including UK AUSTERITY, BIG Crock of BREX$HIT & VICTIM pro social

    IMAGINE – no anti social RIGHTard US/UK/ZioNazi World DISORDER!

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