Gator Website Builder  How to Create /Design Blog Post Page Designs
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Gator Website Builder How to Create /Design Blog Post Page Designs

Rochelle from the DIY Affiliate🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ and
today we are going to be doing the post Gator Website Builder Design Your Post Page How To Design Your Post Page
Gator Website Builder Let’s get started ⭐⭐⭐ Go to blog page This is the post page where you will find all of your posts 📄 to end up this is called the Post Design This Post Title you cannot do any edits here You will see a toolbar come up it will tell you what you can do You can create an overlay Choose any colour Any time you click into an Element a dotted line will come up A toolbar will tell you what you can do You can add an animation 🚀with your post title. Bounce balancing fade fade in and fade in and flip Fly and bounce in and fade in
fly in light speed in move and fade and shake,shake I choose light speed 🛸 Want it to to bring it forward or move
it back it all depends on whether it i Whenever you see the Arrows you can move vertically and horizontally You can also stretch it out
horizontally At any time if you make a mistake Click UNDO ↩️ ↩️ all of your mistakes Click More and then Shadow and
then when you use the slider you could see that it’s going to put a shadow behind
your Title to make it look three-dimensional 3️⃣💎and then you can also
use Glow💡 and you can change the color 🎨in your
glow💡 The Background Color This is for my design 🎨 but you choose your own colours for your own design 🎨 Image you can change the image size You can make it smaller or you can make it longer or bigger Make it longer You can click into it and change the image Then click Place This is not the one that I’m actually going to be
using but you can design your own I will leave the link in the description for how to edit images Watch the tutorial it will give you a lot of information This is the toolbar(always make sure you are in the right toolbar) for this image so now I can just move
this toolbar up here and say I wanted to put a Border on I would just use the
Slider and Create the Border that I want and I believe this is the Border color
that’s ready to go sorry you have to make sure you’re in
the right tool bar this is the only thing that you really have to Pay
Attention to is to make sure that you are in the right tool bar 🔧okay so this
is the Border Color and say I want it to be green not that green so I want
to choose another green you could just use your Slider 🎚️and you could see the
border and use that border there then I’m also going to I’m going to copy this
HEX number so I’m just going to copy t go back into toolbar 🔧 click more🌀 that’s where is my Background Color and when it goes into More Colors 🌈I want to paste my HEX Number color in
here then change to the Saved Hex Color and then
I also want to save this color because this is the color that I am using and
sometimes it’s not easy to find the Exact Color that you’re using so I’m
just going copy that and save it in my Gator website builder doc information Creating a post Colours Here is where I am going to use my Hex colour again I have it first I want to change the
image so I’m going to change the image From my computer okay since this is a
circle this is not going to work so I’m going to click More Advanced and
Style I take out the roundness and move this over okay so here I can take out
the roundness and I can add roundness to it so I’m just going to take out the
roundness and I’m going to add a better Border Here is where I am going to use my Hex Colour again. Go to More Colours into here but into the HEX color so the
Border Color this is the Border Color that I want
Background Advanced Style and here Border to More
note there is the Border choose Color Choose More Colors then paste HEX colour in box okay at any time I can click into here
again I could click More and then Advanced into the Style can change the
Border Width say if I wanted to make it not as thick a little bit thinner there
we go and I can also change the roundness make
it more round or less round okay and then when I’m done click Finish I can
add Animations Annimations fly in and fade in flip in Lightspeed
and I choose Light speed there we go and you can Emphasize your Animations on
your Post Page so we’re going to go light speed and bounce light speed and
flash light speed and pulse rubber band shake swing tada Wobble tada
I like the tada I’m going to choose the tada
okay and then finish now I want to also add a Glow 💡which gives it the
three-dimensional3️⃣💎 look I like it to pop out and then I am going to color it the glow 💡I’m going to use yellow yellow glow there we go now I can also save this
color just save the Hex number let’s copy that and put it into my Gator
Website Information the background and now this Hex Glow color # Save Your Site you can also add Post Fields fields you can add a post title the date
that it’s created a post Arthor Post Summary and if I click on Post Summary this is where what it is this is a post
this is the Post Summary right there that’s if you wanted to add that into
Your post and where is it going to show up as I added it right in there okay you
can also add another cover Image the Cover Image Description or Post Tags now
you already have Post Tags so you would be adding more of what you have so this
is what your content is your post content this is your Heading this
is what your normal text looks like this is what any Link text will look like
this is your Subheading these are all the different sizes this is the
hHghlight this is the the Sub Script and the Super Script when you are done
this will now be your Post Page and you Preview It click in Elements these are the Elements
that I can add which is the Post Fields Blog Elements Recent Posts so then this will give all of the Recent
Posts you have to make sure that you Highlight
your text that you want okay so let’s choose that and let’s look at
the More Fonts okay and also you can change the size
it’s 14 which is a good size but you can make it bigger or smaller say you went
with 22 and then the text Alignment that’s in the box and whether you want
it to bold or use italics or underline the strikeout or put a link in you can
also put a link in into your text so if you put a link into your text say I
choose the URL and then I go to my links page and then I choose a link that I
would like to use let’s copy the link and put the link in
here and then open in a new tab and so basically I would like to use
the same color as my border so I’m going to go back into my Website Information
and I’m going get the post border color background color which is the Hex number
and then copy that Highlight this you must Highlight your text in order for it
to be edited and then go back into More Colors and then put the Hex
number in that I would like to use okay so there is my color and that is my
words that are coming up now you can do the same thing for your Headline if you
just click the More the different Options Advanced Style Border and
Background if you want to have a background for
your heading say it is let’s just say it is the purple that we have been using
for the hex color I so now different styles the Hover Color you can change from blue to say purple
or you can do as the same color as whoops if you go more colors you could
use the same color as you were using to make it look like it’s flows together
okay you can do different things here so now the Hover color is purple now I
want to do this is the Subheading you can change that as well and then the normal
text it’s green we can change the color to Black which is so much better or any
other color that you want okay so let’s just save these changes and then preview Click the preview button The preview is what your post page will look like Finish your preview Click Publish yes Go online and check out your website Gator website builder demos is where my post page is attached to Post Summary here thank you for your time in watching this
video if you have any questions please leave them in the description box and
I’ll be happy to answer them until then Have yourself a wonderful day

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