Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Features No One Is Talking About
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Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Features No One Is Talking About


  • Jonathan Casey

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    What do you think about the new recording limit?

  • Black Parade

    How does this have only 300 views? Quality video ??

    Edit: also just noticed that this video is in 18:9! Really appreciate that haha

  • Derek Drummond

    Oh dear , did you hear that loud bang !
    Yeah , what was it ?
    Just the ass falling out of IPhones users arguments that they hate Androids because they can't record unlimited 4k 60 although none of them probably ever recorded in 4k anyway

  • josh vey

    Finally a video covering this issue! This is something that has driven me crazy with the s9 for 1080 p recording , if there's anyway to get around the 4gb limit that would be great cause unfortunately from my experience it isn't seemless transitions from split file to file

  • Suar 99x2

    Now this what we call a review.
    You should make other department. For gaming. Browsing battey and other audio maybe.

  • Gilbert Khayat

    Hopefully Samsung will bring those changes to the Note9.. i don't see any hardware limitations especially with recording limits.

  • GrizzlyBear

    Not gonna lie, totally thought this was gonna be another clickbait. But you surprised me in a good way! Awesome video! Thanks)))

  • Kevin Davis

    About time that Samsung dropped the embarrassing 4k recording limits, and you're the only person I've seen address this important change, thank you.

  • Anthony Hernandez

    Features that people ignore are the heart rate and oxygen saturation sensors on the back of the phone. The fact that they have the best microphones on smartphones. Their connectivity to carriers, literally have some of the best connection. Samsung Dex.

  • skyhawk311

    Too long of video and talking to make money from YouTube, although it was very informational! Got web page with raw pics and hdr 4K video for us to view?

  • skyhawk311

    S10 still has major flaw, 60fps video in 1080p and 4K stutters because it has variable bit rates. S9 series does it, pan it fast move camera around and stupid ois cant keep up and jitters video making stutters when moving camera around. S8 and note 8 at 4K 30 and 1080 60fps does not do this with ois. Smooth as silk video on s8 plus here. Tried using note 9 and s9 plus and video recording stutters in all modes when moving..

    Do not know what Samsung dis but video stuttering every second makes it unusable. iPhones record constant vitiate and does not have this stuttering in all recording modes for video to include 4K 60 FPS.

  • Nebitno Nebitno

    Although I preordered S10 plus, I'm little dissapointed, camera is pretty much the same like on Note9. I guess they had to save some major upgrades for Note10

  • Sandy Sandy

    I am curious to see whether the 4k HDR has noticeably better dynamic range than other smartphones (the Xiaomi Mi9?)
    Looking forward to a Video Dynamic Range comparison.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Darrell Green

    Nice list but I highly recommend messing with the tone options, namely the custom setups that let you basically make a log like profiles that make for much easier image editing or color grading and luts for video!

  • Tech Land

    The android system is not fat32 anymore it's exfat you can try it by your self transfer a 10 GB file to your phone (it will work)

  • Konrad Podkanowicz

    Hi Jonathan! I've got a question to you. On my S8+, while recording a video, the volume keys serve as shutter buttons for taking photos. However, on the S10, the volume keys start/stop recording while in video mode, and they take photos only while in non-video modes. Do you know if it's possible to work around this and take photos with the volume buttons while recording a video?

  • Stefan Zgardan

    On the telephoto and HDR10+… That's fake news. The sensor behind the telephoto lens is physically not capable of recording in HDR10+. When you do as showed in the video, the camera app keeps the 2x zoom, but switches to digital zoom on the main camera. This isn't a surprise, knowing that, during low light conditions, the main camera is also used for zooming in, as the telephoto camera is complete garbage for low light. Just try both of these things out by hovering your finger above the lens to tell which camera the app is using.

  • Eric Davis

    Great video! I was asking a lot of tech reviewers if they knew if the record limit was removed. You're the first I've seen cover it. Thanks for all the tips too

  • W

    Your video scale is the best. Now I dont have to zoom in to fill the screen which also makes me lose some millimeters of the video

  • Bobi Dechev

    These are ACTUALLY useful tips and tricks not like other mainstream youtubers so .. good luck bro ! You got new subscriber ! keep it up!

  • Lenn Minkhorst

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  • BassasaurusRex

    Good stuff. I’m not too worried about some of the HDR10+ limitations. There are a pretty limited number of people who can even view it right now. I’m sure they can software patch it once it gains more acceptance.

  • Fahad Mostafa

    Ohh there is an option (In Gallery i guess) which you can toggle to convert the file back before sending the file.

    Edit: Yeah, in Gallery settings you can select the option to convert to jpeg.

  • moresources

    bad news that it splits into 4GB files, cause my S7 also can record 4K without limitations, but it also splits into 4GB each, and they don't merge well together, there will be a glitch at the joints, the audio after the initial 4GB will all be out of sync. plz tell me you actually reviewed the merged 4k60 footage.

  • MopTop88

    First video Ive watched of yours, appreciated the unique insights. There was actually a decent amount of stuff in this I hadnt seen elsewhere

  • RockyMtn Hiker

    DON'T click that HEIF/HEIC button unless you are a Mac user!!! PC does not support those files. I found this out the hard way. This is a Mac thing, not a PC thing. I had to search for software to convert these heic files and even when I did, still about 15 of them would not convert. I had to go through 4 different softwares to get them to convert to store them on my PC. So, I would NOT recommend that people click this feature.

  • Teerk Vic

    Hi Jonathan. Your video is so useful for new android user like me. I have 1 question and i really need help. How can i do AF / AE lock while shooting Video? I had iPhone x before it just long press on the screen but i have no idea with Galaxy s10 plus. Thanks in advance.

  • Art In Motion Studios

    The 3 cameras at the back confuse me because when I cover each one when cycling the different camera lens modes the only cameras that I can see being use are the middle and left camera , the right side camera does not seem to be used is it only used for depth information ?

  • ibanez prestige

    Do you say it can record a 4k 30fps video for 16 or 60 minutes in a single clip? And if you record 1080p 30fps video ,there is a 4GB limitation? If I want to record a 1080p or 4k 30fps video for 60 minutes in one single clip ,can Samsung S10+ do that?? Please answer. Thanks . (sorry for my English)

  • Observer Cerebusfire17

    Strangely enough, when I updated my s8, it got the recorder limit on it and before I was doing hour long videos for YouTube. I cant wait to get a better phone

  • ClauStile

    Samsung Galaxy S10 s10plus Huawei p30 Pro Opo Reno oneplus all the phone which they came out this year they have remove the restriction on video so this is the future. I have tested every single phone which I mentioned

  • The Tazadaqyah Detoxification Station

    Are you saying that if I'm recording a documentary, the vocals won't be interrupted at all after the 4gig fill up? If it fills up in the middle of a word, once I put in the editor its 100% unnoticeable?

  • Steven Attila

    Shit, why this 4 GB limitation again??? Why this stupid format? There are phones without limitation. Damn, this is so annoying on my S8 too!

  • Zaid Platfrom

    Please if anyone knows the answer, How can I switch between cameras while shooting a video ? like if I was on selfie camera while on video and wanted to switch to rear camera. HOW do I do that ? Thank you who ever can answer me 🙂

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