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Computer processing power is set to become an incredibly high-value commodity The project connects the world’s largest supply of distributed GPU processing power has identified an innovative solution to meet the needs of large computer processing power The Global Gaming Community Represents More Than $200 Billion Of GPU Data Processing Capacity this is why we build gaimin offers a simple, effective, and efficient solution to the global problem of insufficient computer processing power to create the world’s most powerful and decentralized supercomputer Does gamer get a benefit? We have what every single gamer wants… they are paid for their hobby, without doing anything! machine-learning AI technology
enables a gamer to passively dedicate unused computing power from their GPU to confirm and validate transactions on blockchains. GMRX crypto token powered, blockchain-based, digital marketplace where users can spend their rewards on gaming purchases The power of the community can build customer loyalty, increase user retention, and creates huge brand awareness We anticipate strong user adoption and retention due to proven alpha testing results, viral growth nature of the gaming world Madrid Games Week market validation, and gamer market accessibility Join with gaming unique advantages visit


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