G-Cloud Framework Explained – Hyve Managed Hosting public sector solutions
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G-Cloud Framework Explained – Hyve Managed Hosting public sector solutions

Hi, I’m Graham from Hyve Managed Hosting. Today we’re going to be
talking about the G-Cloud. What is it, who can use it,
and what do Hyve offer on it? So what is the G-Cloud? The G-Cloud was set up in 2012. The idea behind it was that
companies, large and small, were given the opportunity
to bid in a fair setting for government and public body work. The tender process is a
long and laborious process, so the idea behind the framework was that companies would
put their details on it, put the services they offered on it, put their pricing, put
their specifications on, to allow the government and public bodies to come to the G-Cloud framework website and select the suppliers
that they wanted to use. What would happen, is
they would select three, maybe four suppliers, and then they would look in depth at the service offerings that they had, and whittle it down to one, and then work with that one supplier. So who can use the G-Cloud? Well the G-Cloud’s open to any government or public sector bodies. But it’s not just about providing a cloud. There are also cloud
services that are available. So you might need a security audit. You might need some disaster
recovery solution in place. All of these services are
available on the G-Cloud. So what services do Hyve
offer on the G-Cloud? Hyve’s actually been a member
of the G-Cloud framework for quite a few years now. We have quite a few customers
that have come to us from it. The NHS, the MOD, universities. The services we offer, public, private, virtual, hybrid clouds,
within those clouds, we have experts that will be able to manage Sitecore,
Kentico, Magento, WordPress. We also offer services
based around the cloud. Whether it’s a security audit, whether it’s disaster
recovery, Hyve can help you. If you’d like to know some
more information about Hyve and what we can offer, give us a call.

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