Fusion 9 Tutorial – Text transition effect – Motion graphics – 9
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Fusion 9 Tutorial – Text transition effect – Motion graphics – 9

Hey, Everyone, this is Mohith from Thennika
Creations. Welcome to another tutorial in fusion 9. This is what we will create today.
If you end up liking this video. Please do support the channel. Give this video a thumbs
up, hit that subscribe button and bell icon. So, first of all, set the time range to 80
frames. Let’s add a background node. Drag it to the
viewer. Click on Fit, Let’s leave the color to be
black. Click inside the flow and then add a text+
node. Let’s enter the text for the text+ node. “Fusion
is Awesome” Okay! I am going to merge this text on top of this
background. drag the merge node to the viewer. So I am going to select this text+ node and
I want this text to appear til frame 40. So go to frame 40 and set a key for this text
by double-clicking here. Then go to frame 41 and let’s change this text over here to
“TRY IT!” So this is what we have now. okay! At 40,
for this one, I am going to set a key for the font as well and I am going to change
it to Extra Bold. And at 41, change it to “light”. You can see the difference now. So we just
have one single text+ node and we have two completely different looking text items. Okay! Lets further customize the texts. Go to shading.
I am going to change the color of this one. Like so. let’s go to frame 40 and set a key for that
color because I want to change the color at 41. Let’s also give this text a white outline
and for that click on this button which says 2. now this 2 will give us a red outline.
So if I enable this, see we get a red outline. I am going to change the color of this outline
from red to white and I am also going to increase the thickness like so. I think that’s good
enough. At 40 I am also going to set a key for this
“enabled”. Then at 41, I am going to disable this. So I don’t have an outline at 41. Okay! Go back to 1 and change the color of this
text to something like that. So now this is the result that we have. Alright, let’s also add some animation to
it. So go to frame 0 and I want this text to be moving upwards from nothing. So add a rectangle mask for this text+ node.
Click on this button. Then let’s drag that rectangle mask down. As you can see the text
is visible inside the mask and invisible outside. The text is right now out side mask. So we will want to invert the mask to make
the text visible. Click on the invert. Then select the text+ node and bring the text
down like so. Go to Layout tab and right click at the center, Go to modify with XY path. Go to frame 30, and then I am going to set
the Y value to 0.5 So here is what we have, but the animation
is really really boring. Let’s make it interesting, so go to the spline editor. Select Y, click Fit. Click inside the graph editor, Ctrl-A to select
the keyframes and press F to flat. Go to frame 15, fit. press K to add a keyframe.
Now select the keyframe and let’s adjust the handles like so and this one there. Go back to the flow and let’s play this now. That is what we have. Let’s make it ease into
30 a little bit smoothly. Go to the spline editor and move this key to the left using
left arrow key 1, 2, 3 there. Now let’s adjust the handles like so and this
one here. let’s also set a handle value for this. Press T on the keyboard, lock-in and
out and set this value to 70. Go back to flow and play it. Like that…. okay. …. Alright, we also need this transition between
these two texts to have some kind of motion. So select this text plus node, Hit shift spacebar
and search camera…add camera shake, okay. I also want to animate the strength of the
camera shake. We don’t need it throughout the animation. So at 41, let’s set a key for the overall
strength of the camera shake to 1. And then go to 35 and bring that value all
the way down. Then maybe…. at 55 set the value to 0. This is what we have right now. let’s make
it interesting. Aaahh.. let’s play it…okay! Go to spline editor. Let’s off the Y and click fit. Click inside
the graph editor, Ctrl-A to select the keyframes and press F to flat. Select this keyframe and set the handle value
to 70. Set this value to like 50. Here we will set a high value as I want it to ease
in nicely over here. Let’s just set it to a 100. So now if we just play it. That is what we
have ………but I think we should make it a little bit more random. Let’s play with
different values. Let’s see ..over there, increase this value
like so and the Y deviation that is in the Y direction to that and the rotation….let’s
increase it around there…like that much. The randomness lets set it around there. Okay, let’s see. play it now. That is what we have. okay! it looks good.
But it will look better once we add motion blur. So select this merge node, then click
on this icon over here and then click on motion blur. Let’s put the playhead around….there…. Even though we have clicked on the motion
blur, we can’t see it in the viewer. To see the motion blur we will have to off “Use opencl”.
This is new in fusion 9. Now we can see the motion blur and so let’s
increase the quality all the way up. And……Ah, let’s play. Okay, looks good. Let’s make it a little flowy.
Increase the shutter angle value. Like that, okay, Let’s play now. Yeah, that is looking good. Again, if you have any doubts about something
that was shown in this video. Drop in a comment and I will get to it at the earliest. So that’s it for this video guys, if you like
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circles could benefit from this video. Thanks a lot for watching, This is Mohith
signing off and I will see you in the next video. Have fun guys. Bye Bye.


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