Fusion 9 Tutorial –  Smooth and Minimal Text – Title Animation –  Motion graphics #6
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Fusion 9 Tutorial – Smooth and Minimal Text – Title Animation – Motion graphics #6

Hey Everyone this is Mohith from Thennika
Creations and A very happy new year to everyone around the world. Welcome to a brand new fusion
9 tutorial and today we will be creating this text effect.
This is my first tutorial using Fusion 9. very late I know. Before we start, If you
end up liking this video. Please do support the channel. Give this video a thumbs up,
hit that subscribe button and bell icon. Okay so let’s get started. First of all, I am going to set the time frame
to 90 frames. Then I am going to add a background node.
Drag it to the viewer, click fit. Next add a text+ node, let’s type in the text
“MODERN”. Go to the shading tab. Change the color, set the value to 0.2 For this entire animation we need three texts,
So i am going to copy this text+ node and paste it twice, that is ctrl C to Copy and
Ctrl V to paste. So we have three text+ nodes. lets replace
the text in the second text+ node as “CLEAN” and the third will be “DESIGN”. Let’s connect the output of the second text
to the first, a merge node is added and then let’s connect this to the merge node. Drag this merge to the 2nd viewer. Connect
the 2nd merge and the black background. You can see the texts are overlapping. We
need all three texts at different heights. So select text1, go to layout, change the
Y value for the center to 0.65. Then select the third, go to layout and change
the Y value to 0.35. Next we need to add the white rectangle and
that we will add in between these two merge nodes. So I am going to select these nodes
and drag it down. And then let’s add a background node, add
a rectangle mask to the new background. In the properties window let’s change the height
to 0.12 and the width to 0.35 Let’s drag it to this viewer. we need to change
the color, make it white. Now connect the otput of this to this and
connect the output of the new merge to the foreground input here. This is exactly as
expected. So I need the rectangle to start over from
here. So i am going to select the rectangle and set the Y value of the center to 0.65,
which matches with the Modern text node. let’s now animate this rectangle. So we want
the rectangle to scale up in width and then move down and then further down. So with this rectangle selected, go to frame
16 set a keyframe for width and then move to frame 0 and bring the value down to 0. Let’s play it now. Well the animation is really
boring, so let’s go in to the spline editor and here I am going to show you a trick that
I use to make the animation look smmoth and energetic. So click on this to fit. Click inside the
graph editor and then Press Ctrl A on the keyboard to select all the keyframes. Press
F to flatten the keyframe handles. Go to frame 8 and press K on the keyboard
to add a keyframe along the curve in spline editor. Now this 8th frame is right in middle
between the two keyframes. Since the animation is starting at 0 and it
goes on till 16, we have 8 frames till here and 8 frames from here. So here is the trick.
Select this handle and pull over till here, that is one frame distance from
here. I am going to make sure that this handle is
in line with this keyframe. Do the same thing with this handle, make sure that it is in
line with this keyframe. Lets check our animation now. It’s better
but it can be snappier and I want it to ease in to this region. So i am going to move this
keyframe 3 frames back so 1, 2, 3. So now I have to adjust the hand again. match
it with this keyframe. Do the same thing here. I want it to ease in to this region, so select
the keyframe and press T on the keyboard, click on lock in and out,
then set the value to 85. Let’s play it now. yeah, that looks good. So let’s go 10 frames forward at 26, I am
going to animate the ceter values. We will be animating in the Y axis. normally we right
click on the center and click animate. And then if we go in to the spline editor.
We have only one parmeter called displacement to control both X and Y, which is not ideal
in most cases. So I will press Ctrl Z to undo all of that
and instead I will right click ignore the animate and to Modify with XY Path. Let’s
go to the spline editor and we now have separate parameters for X and Y which is great. For now I am just bothered about Y, so am
going to off X and width. Click on Fit. Then go to 36, we need to bring it down. So set
the y value to 0.5 We will do the same thing that we did earlier
in the spline editor. Click inside, Ctrl A to select both keyframes and then press F
to flat. Then go to 31 and Press K to add a keyframe.
then select this handle and place it there. Adjust this handle also in position (pause)
to match the keyframe. Let’s check the animation. Okay, next we want
the rectangle to hold its position for 10 frames. At 46, let’s set a key by double clicking
this vertical rectangle. Again, move 10 frames to 56, let’s bring it
further down. So, set the Y value to 0.35, Ah.. .35, Okay? Yeah, but if we click on Fit, this whole thing
will be fit in to region. But we just need this portion. So i am going to click on the
zoom button here and box select this region. So we have our intended keyframes
fit in to the region. Now click inside, Ctrl A to select the keyframe…
Actually no, we will have to box select the keyframes and F to flat. If we press Ctrl
A, it will select all the keyframe, whereas we
need just these two, so box select it, then go to 51. Press K to add a keyframe. And udjust
the handles like so….. and this one over here, yeah…. Go back to the flow and press play. So far so good, lets complete the animation.
Select the rectangle and go 10 frames forward at 66, set key for the width and then around…..frame
80, set the width to 0. Go to the spline editor and let’s uncheck
Y and click on the width. Am going to use this one, click and drag to zoom in to this
region. Do not click Ctrl A, instead we will box select
the two frames. So click and drag. Press F to flat. Go to frame 73 and press K to add
a keyframe. Adjust the handle like so. Do the adjustment here as well. Actually I need the animation to be snappy,
so let’s move 2 frame backwards. Set the value of this handle to 85 and adjust this handle,
it gone below the key so, drag it up like so and
adjust this one too. So let’s see what we have now. Press play. Great, Am happy with the animation. I also
want the texts to appear relative to the rectangle. So connect the output of this rectangle to
the mask input of this text. Right now if we play the animation, the rectangle
is affecting just the Modern. But We will also need it to affect the other two texts
as well. So let’s connect the output of the rectangle
to this text and this one as well. So lets play it and see what we have. Looks good, But we obviously need to work
on the color transitions of the text. So as the rectangle moves down, I need the
modern to not disappear as it is now but change its color to white and when the rectangle
goes to design, Both Modern and Clean should stay White. So I am going to select all these nodes and
move it down. Then I will select these two texts Ctrl C to copy and Ctrl V to paste it
over here. Lets check this is MODERN. So connect the
output of this to this. Adjust the new merge. Then connect the output of this to this. Like
so. Now let’s select this text node and change
it’s color. Go to shading, make it white. Do the same thing for this one too, shading…
white. We still need to do some work, anyways let’s
play to see what we have. Not the desired result. We need grey to white color transition
which is not happing yet. For that we need to use the same rectangle
mask. But……If we simply connect the rectangle
mask to the mask inputs of these text nodes…….. and …. if we play, Well not what we are
looking for. So, I will copy this rectangle and paste it
here, ie Ctrl C and Ctrl V. then lets connect it to these text nodes. There… But it’s exactly what we did earlier. So select
this rectacle and invert it by clicking on invert. Let’s play it now. Well we have achieved the
color transition as expected. but the Modern and Clean is visible all the time, as you
see. We need to get rid of that. Select this merge. So around 26 let’s set
the blend value to 0 and set a key. Go to 27 set the value to 1. So with that we have
solved the issue of Modern showing up early. Select the next merge and go to 46. Set the
blend value to 0, set a key and at 47 increase it to 1. Let’s play the animation. Good, Am happy with
it. Okay I just want to tweek the animation a
little bit. So select these two rectangles, the go to the spline editor. fit. And.. i just want the width selected. I don’t
need these, click on select. I dont need these and these. Just the width of those two. Then select everything over here and Fit.
Let’s click on This button till it reaches Time offset and set a vlue to 10 to move the
keyframes 10 frames forward. We will also need the Modern and Clean to
move downwards behind design and disappear. So I am going to select, this one and this
one. Go to 66. At 66, let’s go to Layout. At center right
click and go modify with, X Y Path. Actually its applied only for this one. Select the
second one, go Layout, Right click, modify with, X Y path. Then go to …like …80, set this value to
0.35. and this one also to 0.35 Go to the spline editor. Just select the Y.
Click in side graph editor, Ctrl A, press f to flat. Move to 73 and press K to add keyframe.
Let’s do the same adjust handles…. like so. Select this one and do the same thing. Get
rid of X, Fit, Ctrl A, F to flat. Press K to add the Keyframe and adjust the handles…..
and this one too. Let’s check what we have. Okay, I am going to give this an offset and
go to spline editor, select all of that. Then Press Ctrl A and then set an offset of 2 frames. Let’s see now. okay, now we need it to disappear behind Design.
So.. At frame… 80, select merge 5 and St a key
for blend and at 81, make it 0. Select merge 6 and at 80 set a key and at
81, make it 0. Let’s play it now. okay, so that is what we
have. A little bet of overlap there. which I don’t like. So So select this text, Go to spline editor
and move the keyframes backwards. We had moved it 2 frames forward earlier so we will move
it 4 frames backwards now. set it to -4. Play it now. Yup that looks really realy good. If you have any doubts about something that
was shown in this video. Drop a comment below and I will get to it as soon as I can. So that’s it for this video guys, if you like
it, give it a huge thumbs up and for further tutorials like these hit that subscribe button
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circles could benefit from this video. Thanks a lot for watching, This is Mohith
signing off and I will see you in the next video. And You guys have a great day. Bye Bye.


  • Chris Allen

    Thank you for this. I've been using an older version of Boris Red for a while, and new stuff is expensive. I stumbled on Fusion a few weeks ago. WOW. So now I'm taking advantage of these tutorials. This node thing makes me have to change my thinking a little, but it seems to be worth it. Again, thank you for helping me along.

  • thycallmemrtibbs

    Which node does the saver node connect to in this comp? It renders only parts of the final comp if i click and let it connect automatically. Connects to merge 6 node automatically.

  • The Elevator Daily

    I have heard that nodes are kind of like layers. Curious to know what others think. Perhaps in the timeline view you can change timing and stacking order though changing stacking order will not affect the composition that would be on how nodes are connected.

  • Ibrahim K

    This is a great tutorial, thanks a lot! One point I got stuck with: at time 16:33 when MODERN & CLEAN slide to the DESIGN Layer they still show above it not behind it. I solved it by using an animated invert feature, but any solution without that ?

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