Fusion 9 Tutorial – Modern Text – Title Reveal Animation – Motion graphics #8
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Fusion 9 Tutorial – Modern Text – Title Reveal Animation – Motion graphics #8

Hey Everyone this is Mohith from Thennika
Creations. Welcome to another tutorial in fusion 9. If you happen to like this video. Please do support the channel. Give this video a thumbs up, hit that subscribe
button and bell icon. So let’s get started. first of all i am going to set the time range
to 120 frames. Then I am going to add a background node,
drag it to this viewer. Fit, let the color stay as default black. Then add another background node. Drag this one to viewer 1. Fit and let’s change its color to white. Let’s merge this on top of black background. obviously we can only see the white one now
as it is on top. So select the white background and click here
to add a rectangle mask to it. Let’s customize the rectangle. Go to the properties window and set the height
to 0.01 Click inside the flow to deselect the rectangle
and add a text+ node. Type in the text, “MODERN TITLES”. Go to the shading tab and change the text
color like so. I want the rectangle to be on top of the text. So lets connect the output of this background
to the text+ node. A merge node will be added. Let’s drag it to the viewer and it is as expected
we have the white line on top of the text. we will also connect the output of this merge
to the foreground input of this merge. And the drag it to the viewer. Let’s now work on the animation. So select the rectangle. Set the Y value of the center to 0.45 So for the animation itself, we will first
animate the width of this rectangle and then move it up to reveal this modern titles text
and then move down revealing a different text and the
closing down along the width. So at frame 0, i going to double click on
this vertical rectangle to set a keframes for width and set it’s value to 0. Then move to frame 16 and set the width value
to default that is 0.5 So we have this animation. But it’s really boring so let’s go in to the
spline editor and make some tweeks. Select width, Fit. Like always, click inside the graph editor,
then press Ctrl A to select all the keyframes and press F to flat. Now, lets see…. at frame 8, press K to add
a keyframe. As always let’s do that trick. Select this handle and position it over there
in line with this keyframe. And this one in line with this keyframe. Fit and let’s have a look at the animation. Okay!…..I guess we can make it better. Let’s push this keyframe 2 frames back to
frame 6 and adjust the handles like so and this over there. Lets also set a value for this keyframe handle. So press T to bring up the in and out values
for the handles. Click on Lock in and out and set this value
to 70. Let’s play the animation now. Yes that looks good. We have a nice ease in over here. Go back in to the flow, at frame 0, we will
set a keyframe for the center of the rectangle. But this time right click at the center and
go to modify with, XY Path. Then go to frame 40 and set the Y value for
the center to 0.55 Let’s get rid of this X. Fit, Click inside the graph editor, then press
Ctrl A to select all the keyframes and press F to flat. Then, go to may be frame 20, press K to add
a keyframe. Like earlier, Select this handle and position
it over there in line with this keyframe. And same thing over here. So go to flow and have a look at out animation. okay..hmmm….. that’s not good. lets make some changes. Select this keyframe and set this value to
70 and set this to 50. Let’s play it once more……hmm….let me
select this keyframe and move backwards like so….4 frames backwards. Make the necessary adjustments with the handles,
there…. and this one over there. Lets play……. okay thats a little bit too
stiff so lets loosen the animation by adjusting the handles like so and this one till here. Play it…… Little more adjustments are needed. Like there and this one here, also set this
keyframe handle value to 70. In fact let’s move this keyframes couple of
frames backwards and adjust the handles and play it. Slight adjustments for the handles…. like
so. I guess this too & fro method helps you understand
how to customize your animation till you are happy with it. Yup that looks good. So the rectangle is moving up. we also need it to come down. But as it goes up we need this Modern that
is this text+ node to be revealed and as it comes down we need a new text revealed. We will get to that a little bit later. I will show you a try that we will just animate
this rectangle and then copy the same animation on to other mask which will help us reveal
these texts. So first we will finish the entire animation
on this rectangle. Go to frame 50, I want the rectangle to hold
it’s position till frame 50. So go to spline editor. fit, at frame 50, inside the spline editor,
right click, go to “set key equal” to “previous”. So we have a keyframe at 50 that has the same
values as the keyframe at frame 40. Then go to frame 80, let’s bring the rectangle
down, so set the Y value to 0.45. Fit, well right now when we hit fit, this
key thing is fit in to this region. But we just need this region. So click on this button and simply, click
and drag to box select these two keyframes. Box select the two keyframes, do not press
Ctrl A as it will select all the keyframes. Now press F to flat. Go to frame 65 and press K to add a keyframe. we will move the keyframe 2 frames backwards
using left arrow key. Make the adjustments to the handles, like
so and this handle also…..over there. select this keyframe and set the handle value
to 70 and this one also to 70. Go to the flow and play. Okay that’s good. Now lets make the rectangle scale down along
the width. So at frame 81, set a key for the width, go
to frame 100 and set the value of the width to 0. Go to the spline editor. Select width and off this one. Fit, let’s use this button. zoom in to the two keyframes, box Select the
them, remember to not use Ctrl A. go to frame 91 and press K to add a keyframe. Use the left arrow key to move the keyframe
3 frames backwards. Adjust the handles like so. Select this handle and place it over there. Select this keyframe and set the handle value
to 70. Let’s see what we have. yeah that’s it. Good enough. Let’s make the rectangle or the white line
reveal this text. So I will copy this rectangle Crtl C, then
select this text and Ctrl V to paste. With this one selected, go to the properties
and set the height to 0.1 Let’s also bring it down, since there is animation
for that rectangle we can’t just set a value, we need to bring down the whole animation. So go to the spline editor, Fit, Ctrl A to
select all the keyframes. Use the down arrow key to bring it down like
so. Lets zoom in to the viewer and make the minute
adjustments…. there. Let’s see what we have now. Play. Okay so as the white line goes up the text
is revealed. Okay!…. Now as it moves down we need a diffrent text
appearing here. So I will copy there Ctrl C and Ctrl V to
paste it. Connect the output of this to this to merge
them. Drag this over there and this one there. Now let’s change the text for this text+ node. “Clean Design”. Right now the texts are on top of each other. SO select this merge node and go to frame
50 and set the blend value to 0. Set a key for that. Go to 51, and set the value to 1. So the second text will appear only from here. But since we need the new text item to show
as the white line moves down, we need to change the position the mask to the opposite direction
of the line. Right now the mask is below the line but it
needs to be above it. So go in to the spline editor and lets just
have Y and off every thing else. Fit, well delete this key, it shouldnt be
there. Ctrl A to select all the keyframes and use
the up arrow key to move it up. zoom in and adjust it like so. Fit, let’s play it now. Yeah that looks good. Let’s make this little more interesting by
giving the mask little offset around this region. Let’s go to the spline editor and select the
width off everything else and then box select these two keyframe and using the left arrow
key move it 2 frames backwards. Let’s see what it does. okay…may be lets push it 1 more frame…….
move it. Let’s play now. yeah that looks really really good. Alright, Like always if you have any doubts
about something that was shown in this video. Drop in a comment and I will get to it at
the earliest. So that’s it for this video guys, if you like
the video, give it a huge thumbs up and there are many more tutorials coming up, hit that
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on this channel at Thennika creations. Share this video on your social media platforms. Thanks a lot for watching, This is Mohith
signing off and I will see you in the next video. Bye Bye.


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