Frontier X Launch Video
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Frontier X Launch Video

When I run, it’s my job but it’s also my meditation time and my time for really
being at one with my body. I’ve been passionate
throughout my life about the health aspects
that running can bring. But endurance events like running put intense strain on the heart and can push it into a zone
that’s potentially harmful. Constant monitoring
through something like Frontier X can help the runner’s heart
stay healthier for longer. Frontier X’s ability
to measure breathing rate and to measure effort
using this breathing rate I think is a real
potential game changer. It gives that information
to athletes to find their best race pace and to be able to find it
much more easily than within the race,
and then this produces their best races
and their best performances. Training and winning
are really important in racing but, for running, in general I think the health really needs
to be looked at moving forward. It’s critical
and it’s what most runners coming into the sport
are trying to achieve.

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