Frontier Computing – Who we are (Includes Descriptive Audio)
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Frontier Computing – Who we are (Includes Descriptive Audio)

The world today shows no sign of slowing down.
With technology rapidly evolving, you need a company that is always on the edge of innovation.
At Frontier Computing, we understand the need for current Assistive Technology to enhance
the lives of individuals with disabilities. Since 1986, Frontier computing has offered
its customers a diverse selection of products, allowing us to meet, and exceed, the requirements
of our clients.
Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you find the materials to meet your specific
needs. We provide solutions to assist you in your
daily activities. We offer assistive technology that will enhance
your life at home. We understand the importance of saving time
and money. Frontier Computing offers a wide selection of products to bring efficiency
and assurance to your workplace.
And for school, we offer technology that will assist you in getting the most out of your
learning environment. No matter what the setting, we have the tool
that’s right for you. We offer a wide selection of products ranging
from Portable CCTV’s to Braille Embossers. Frontier Computing
It Can be done

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