Free Web Hosting in S3 (AWS cloud)
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Free Web Hosting in S3 (AWS cloud)

in this tutorial I will be mainly
showing you how to host a website So I’ll have my own index.html and I
will host it on s3 bucket. So how to make a public website in S3 bucket, I will go
and just first create a bucket. I will create Paul-web. So bucket name should always be
unique so once the bucket got created I will go
and upload my index file you can upload like any file which is your starting
file. So I will go and upload my index.html once it got uploaded we can see this
progress started and it is successful so go to the property tab and enable the
static web hosting now it is disabled. We will go and enable it. So once whenever that we need to give the base file , the starting file and I
just need to save it. Then the end point. we just need to get the end point. But by
default this end point will not work because all the s3 buckets are private
to that owner so from public it will have no access you can see it’s forbidden so we will go and
change. We need to change the policies so go to the permissions tab and change
the bucket policy so I have this tab open it will be there
in the description below, the URL of this tab. We will go and copy this policy and
I’ll just paste it and change the bucket name to my bucket name. Its paul web and
I will just save it and hit the same URL again yeah it works fine so by this we can just
upload our own HTML and have our own websites. My next tutorial will be on
cloud front content delivery network thanks for watching this video


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