Free Web Hosting, Do Not Use It  – Here’s Why
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Free Web Hosting, Do Not Use It – Here’s Why

Many people looking to start a website or
a blog are looking at free web hosting as an option to get their businesses started.
Now, I’m just here to tell you, unless your blog or website is strictly for fun or to
just keep your family informed of what you are up to or for some other purpose that you
will NEVER and I do mean NEVER, use it for commercial purposes, you just do not want
to get free web hosting. Here’s why… First of all if you run a blog and your using
Wordpress and have created a free WordPress account and are running a business, your web
url is going to look like this, MyGreatBusiness . wordpress . com or mygreatbusiness . bloodspot
. com. Whatever you do, your website will always end in WordPress . com pr blogger . com.
Is that what you want your online business to look like to your customers? Now again, if you are just doing this for
fun, don’t get me wrong, having free web hosting is fine, but if you are building a business,
let’s get real and step up to the plate and actually pay for web hosting. WATCH OUR VIDEO ON HOW TO START A BLOG HERE: Just think about it for a second. If you are
going into business you have all kinds of businesses expenses. You have to buy computers,
and office furniture and hire an accountant, and maybe some employees and maybe even rent
an office space and if you are really ambitious, you may even go for the enormous expense of
building your brick and mortar business and that could run into the hundreds of thousands
of dollars. So why would you opt for free web hosting? Another downside of building a free website
is that you ultimately don’t have control over it and the advertising placed on it.
To defray the cost of giving you free web hosting, your web host may put advertising
on your website that you cannot change. What if there are advertisements on your site
that are in direct competition to your business. How would that make you feel? And what would
it do to your business? And how does it look to your customers if
you have a free web site and they visit it only to see ads from your competition, or
see ads that don’t fit with your product or service at all? So what are the advantages of paying for web
hosting? You get your own domain name
You can put your own advertising on your own website.
You can get web hosting for $7 or $8 a month and sell your own stuff from your own website.
It costs less than 1 meal out per month. Heck, even if you treat yourself to a Starbucks
every Friday at a cost of $3.50 or $4 a week, that’s more than paying for a month of web
hosting. If you pay for web hosting you get free tech
support for web hosting issues, not support for blog or wordpress issues, but if something
is wrong with your hosting, they help you get it fixed. if something goes wrong at wordpress
. com hosted blog, you are at the mercy of whenever they get around to it. Put your business into perspective and look
like a real, professional business and realize the advantages of web hosting and pay for
it. It is less than you think and it is a small part of owing a business. Besides, with the way things are today, you
don’t even need to open a store in the physical world when you do everything you need to online. If you are a real business, pay for web hosting.
And if you need web hosting, check out BlueHost where you can get a hosting account for $3.95
to $6.95 per month. Click the link in the video description below
or go to:


  • Luhost

    Great video! We fully agree with most of the limitions that other hosting companies have. Thats why we strive to be different. At Luhost our only limition is the amount of storage, and traffic. Feel free to check out our YouTube chanel

  • Cio Dokop

    There are places where you can get free domains

    And not like .wordpress or .blogspot

    NO NO
    you can get free domain
    And free hosting which doesn’t put ads on your site

    It’s completely free I tried

  • Squishy Watchbee

    Accept that so many website hosting companies are complete scam artists. It is such a shame that you can't pay for a website and get what you pay for. For example, I paid up front for a whole year for a website under sitebuilder and they immediately sold my information to billions of other scam artists out there who then flooded my phone number day and night. When I asked them about it, they then wanted me to pay them more money to take my information down that they sold to all of these people. On top of that, they outright lied about how many templates they offered. When I immediately realized this and asked them how they can be so blatantly fraudulent, they replied "Well, we will be adding more templates in the future." This is just one example of the many many scammer website hosting companies out there. They are all the same. So, no don't expect to get what you need free and also don't expect to get what you pay for. There is not justice out there for consumers. Learn this now.

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