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Free Web Hosting at

This video introduces you to free web
hosting at Topics include signing up, creating a directory,
uploading files, and displaying your files in a browser. To get started, visit the site and click
the sign up button. Select the option to choose your free subdomain. In this case I chose the subdomain of WEB 150. The web host company is assigning it to
the domain When you sign up the domain name assigned by the
web host company may be different. Fill out the rest of the form and then scroll down and click the
create my account button. This screen displays
while your account setup is in progress. When your account is ready
you’ll see the account details overview. Make a note of a few items. The members area is Bookmark this link,
you’ll visit it to update your website. If you use multiple email addresses, make a
note of which e-mail address you used to sign up. Look farther down the page in the website
details area and note the URL that you’ll use to access or display your website.
20 Look near the middle of the page,
and click the enter control panel link. Select the file manager. You’ll upload your web page files into the public_html folder. Select the folder. Each lab assignment will be in its own
folder. A folder is also called a directory. 27
Select the New dir button to create a new directory. The Create new directories screen displays. Type in the name of your directory. Use lowercase letters. Do not use spaces. The name of this directory is mod5. Select the check icon. The directory was created.
Select the arrow. The new mod5 directory displays.
Select the mod5 directory to access it. The mod5 directory listing displays. Select the Upload button to upload files. The Upload files and archives screen displays. Select the Choose File button and navigate
to your first file. Select the Choose File button and and
navigate to your second file. Continue this process to upload additional files.
When you are ready, select the Check icon. The progress of the transfer is displayed.
In this case, the index.html and the yurts.html file were uploaded. You will upload CSS and image
files in the same manner. Select the arrow to return. The mod5 directory displays and
shows the index.html and yurts.html files. If you had uploaded additional files
they would also display here. Now the fun part!
Displaying the website in a browser! Recall from the signup process
that our subdomain name is web150 and that the domain asssigned by the web
host was We also created a directory named mod5 and uploaded our files into it. So, to access our website in a browser, type the subdomain dot domain name slash directory name slash file name In this case it’s This ends our demonstration of publishing to a free web host. I’m looking forward to seeing your work
on the Web!

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