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it was a poor kid in grade because I look back and I don’t excited video tutorial so in this video I’m gonna show you how you can get a free web hosting for lifetime you just need to buy a domain name so as you know web hosting is expensive you need to pay early for that early for that so I will show you how you can do it for free just you need to have a web domain name so as you can see I already buy the escorts comm from nature so and second thing we use Google blogger for using as our web host or so if you don’t know what is glow that this is a platform created by for that people who can’t afford his own that side so cloaker allow you to create your own flow so if you want to just use glower you also don’t need to this name blow your name but when you get on 3 name with blogger you can use like that like your name dot blogspot like he have watermark like dot blogspot which is what we say with his name so i will show you how you can use your own custom name or you get free hosting for lifetime you can upload videos photos there is no what we say no storage limit I think so but you can’t upload the files you just upload the image or video so it’s a good thing for blogger so if you want to create your own blog so it’s good thing so a lot saw but you need to have a gmail account if you don’t have just created now so after all [Music] you can change it later also for the create and create ball as you can see creating block so via source created it successfully so next thing just click on scrapping so as you can see when you click view you’re blown so if you don’t want to use your own name you don’t want to purchase extra limb so you just use this address which we select before but there is also I already tell you there is a watermark dot blog after your name so that’s why we don’t want to use it there is a two way simply one way is a really bad and simple way you just can redirect your dick name to this address but when it’s be tracked completed so this dress when I show so we don’t want this so we just go in settings in basics tab in basic tab you’ll find publishing this click on first set up a third party or for your blog so just click on that as your domain don’t forget to add ww don’t if you don’t add wwr it’s not gonna work so you just click on save so here we need to verify our domain that this is a girl domain so how we can do that so first we need to add a create a cname so how you can do this go back to your management domain management so click on manage if you use something else oh just fine DNS tab so Deana setting page click on advanced Tina’s so as you can see here we need to remove this just click on delete delete every host record you have suggested completely them so just click it also don’t do this most of three T’s so here we come – first we need to add more I can tell me to read it don’t worry just a new record so just click on cname record so go back to your yeah just copy this name www.h – and in target just write g hf add new I can just click on tick here now we have new record cname make sure you have a same like that don’t use something else so it’s not gonna work [Music] tasty so it’s take little bit off and all for setting this up before half an hour you need to wait it if you click on save so let’s take half an hour because it’s need to update your or what we say in your DNS setup so it’s take half an hour for updating so when it’s update this mess is gone so your website side too we just come back after half an hour tell me then I will show you next thing so welcome back over to man is ready to go now I will mainly track to the yes court or clocks for Celeste right so your connections say don’t worry with that so what we can do there you can use SSL certificate so show you how you can do that cheap so here we just change it one more so saving we don’t have any SSL certificate right now but you can apply there your SSL certificate so so here you can already buy that so you can just on manage and you that your SSL certificate or you just reject me the like person so he can tell you how you can do that so our topic note will you show how to use SSL fat it catch so that’s good as you can see now our domain is connect with our blogger now if you post a new post click on post create a new post it’s our post here so that’s how you can what we saying that’s how you can change the settings and connect your website with the blogger so it’s a free for lifetime as you know it’s free you don’t need to be anything so we just go there if you want to change team just click on team there so here you have a default team by a blogger or you can create your own team here you can use XML language so if you don’t know what XML or you just simply by lower team is really cheap you can find and you can also find free team so having a talk pest free blower team so it’s really easy to do it I will show you how you can do that so here we have some teams here so just [Music] it’s like which one which one so just it’s like any of them I use this one just click on that download so here you get deep file basically it’s the one just only one XML file so just you need teach one file dot XML extract it in your desktop when you tak stop going blogger up again just click on backup or restore okay excellent I think okay here we go hot Magdy so just click on upload let’s take little time so you are ready to go your team is ready now just redirect it as you can see now our thing it’s ready to you so you can change these fashion button actually it will be difficult than others you just need to go through these all chords or you can just simply hire me for this so I put my fever under description so you can just ping me on fever so I will create your own team if you want or I will give you anything you like so thanks for watching I hope you like this video don’t forget to subscribe my channel bye bye

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