Free VPS – Which Providers Won’t Scam You? [2019]
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Free VPS – Which Providers Won’t Scam You? [2019]

Free VPS seems to be advertised
everywhere but is any of it actually real?
Well, I’ve investigated a lot of these so-called three VPS providers to
determine which ones are real and which ones are fake in short I’ve wasted my
time so you wouldn’t have to. Let’s see how it went. I’ve only found several legit providers
but let me start this horror story that is free VPS from the beginning. And, let’s
make it all spooky because why not 😀 I’ve began my search by googling for free VPS
as I was slowly descending to the bottom of the Google search results I began to
realize what I got myself into. Because, in general if you have to scroll this
far down to get what you’re looking for you’re going to have a bad time. First
result that seemed to offer free VPS was sadly it only offered
seven day trials and they require you to send photos of your ID for manual
account activation I had no interest in exposing my personal documents to a
website I know very little about so I continued searching. was
next in line at first glance looks like a legit provider they have several plans to choose from and just
happens to be that one of them is free. However, my best guess is that they’re a
data farm or just a scam abandoned by its creators that now exists absolutely
without purpose. All of their plans are fake you can’t even buy a paid plan if
you want to because there is no way to choose a payment option and any attempt
to get the free plan results in an error. So, at this point I thought that Google
search results just won’t cut it most of the articles or blogs promote
flat out scams or hard to get trials so I should have done the only thing a sane
person would do which is stop but I guess I am NOT a sane person
because I just went to Reddit and tried my luck there. So, I found some old
posts by old I mean like 2 or 3 years old by now that promote
the website is still up and running so I thought maybe they’re legit to survive
this long. Upon registering you get put into a huge queue the only way to move
up the queue is to refer more people to sign up for and that
is why this service is so heavily promoted everyone’s just sharing their
referral links in hopes of getting free VPS. But, I’ve actually found absolutely
no proof that anyone got a free VPS from in the two or three
years that it’s existed. However, I was able to find a friend who registered for
the service maybe a year ago and he’s still in the queue and I don’t think it
even moved at all so your chances of getting a free VPS with zero. Nevertheless I kept searching and found myself on they seem to offer free linux and
windows VPS services however woomhost needs you to refer 7 or 10 people to
their website and those people need to buy their services I’ve checked out the
Trustpilot page and it seems to be filled with fake reviews the only bad
review mentioned how a client paid for a service that he never received so I
would be very cautious buying anything from woomhost especially if you’re
going to promote it to your friends which they need to spend money to get
you a free VPS which might or might not be a scam. Don’t do it :D. At this point it
was quite clear that there’s no way in hell am I getting a free VPS without
some sort of a gimmick like referring my friends winning a contest or getting
manually approved by a service that has a high chance of stealing my data but
there were still options available and I really wanted to find a free VPS. So, I
found this website called Post4VPS you can participate in forum discussions
and you’ll have a chance to win one of their Virtual Private Servers each month.
There are some strict rules about the quality of your posts the amount of
posts you have to make and stuff like that. For me personally this is a bit too
time-consuming and you’ll never guaranteed a VPS service
however if you’re into forums and discussions this can be something you
can look into further I decided to look elsewhere. And, at this point I was
getting a little desperate so desperate in fact that I even checked out the
second page of Google search results. So, the story continues. And, as you might
know the second page of Google search results is often dark and full errors. One
of those terrors that I’ve encountered was and
was by far the worst offender I’ve found so far they bait you in with the promise
of free VPS then you go through a fake setup
process and they tell you that to unlock your password you need to watch some ads
anytime you click anywhere on this page a pop-up ad opens. These range anywhere
from cars to gambling to pornography obviously there never was such a thing
as a password for their free VPS or the free VPS in the first place
GratisVPS is a pure ad farm that’s just looking to scam you any way possible. And,
any website that I found after that was basically just a repeat of the previous
ones usually just a little bit worse so I won’t even bother showing them here’s
a complete list of everything that did not work. I even found some scam websites
that were cloning other scam websites and trying to replicate the same scam Okay so we’ve covered pretty much
everything that does not work. However, what does actually work? The only thing
that I could personally find that didn’t try to scam the crap out of me at every
corner were the trial accounts that are offered by Amazon, Microsoft or Google. I
chose the one that Amazon is offering because a one a year trial is a pretty
long time. And, I get full control together with root access. The biggest
problem is that setting one of these accounts up is a little bit troublesome
so to save myself some headache and a lot of time I finally caved in. I started
using A2Hosting and their $5.00 VPS starter plans. It was just so much
easier and the price I was paying was almost negligible merely five dollars
per month. And, even worst case scenario you can get your money back with their
30-day money-back guarantee so it’s kind of free I would say. But, at least A2Hosting is a reputable provider that won’t cost you an arm and the leg. If you
want to go even cheaper than that you can take a look at Hostwinds. Their
plans start at $4.49 per month while this isn’t
free at least you’ll be guaranteed that you’re getting a quality and secure
service that won’t go down, they won’t delete your data and they won’t try to
sell your personal information. I’ll be adding links to both A2Hosting and Hostwinds down in the description below full disclosure I might make a
commission if you buy their services through my link but is how I support the
channel without the need of advertisers or sponsors. So, that’s it for this video
and if you find any more free VPS services that do actually work feel free
to leave them in the comments down below for other people to find. And, I wish you
luck finding your free VPS service.

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