FREE SSL Certificate For WordPress (The Why & How)
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FREE SSL Certificate For WordPress (The Why & How)

Hello Everyone, my name is Robert and in this
video, I will tell you exactly what is an SSL certificate, why you need it and how to
implement that useful security feature on your WordPress website with just a couple
of clicks, for free. SSL, which means Secure Socket Layer, is the
standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and
a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between
the web server of your website and your visitor’s browsers remain private and integral. You can notice a website with a Secure Socket
Layer on when you see the HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP at the beginning of the web address. The main reason you need to think about using
SSL on your WordPress website is SEO. Yes, this is a Search Engine Optimization
factor. Your website security is one of the top 10
ranking factors used by Google when somebody searches for what you have to offer online,
and if you are a big business that receives daily payments through your website or you
think about building a huge online store you definitely need a trusted SSL which will appear
as a custom certificate with your business name on it. If you type, for example, in your
link field of your browser, you will notice the name of the business which means they
use a custom SSL certificate and if you type there is a simple certificate
which ensures that the website is secured. If you think about starting your own e-commerce
business using WordPress I recommend this video to see how it’s done. Moving forward, a Basic SSL certificate is
something you can get, usually, for free and you can install it on your domain name by
yourself. If you know nothing about how to do that,
contact your hosting provider and they will be happy to do it for you, usually, free of
charge. I use as my favorite hosting
provider for WordPress so and I can show you how easy it is to install the free SSL
certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt on your domain name with just a couple of clicks. I log in to my cPanel now and then I will
create a new subdomain for a demo purpose here… Next, I am going to install the free SSL certificate
on that subdomain. You can browse through the options of your
cPanel until you find what you want but the easy way is to use the search function here. Type in Let’s Encrypt and then click to open
the admin panel of that feature. Select the domain you wish to install the
SSL certificate on it, change the email here if you want then click install. What you will see next is this pop-up window
which is showing you that the certificate installation is in progress. Seconds after pushing the Install button a
new pop-up window will prompt you that the process is over… …and the Let’s Encrypt certificate installation succeeded. Click OK and you are done! What you can do next, is to activate the HTTPS
Enforce and External Links Rewrite functions which can be both very helpful if you have
an old WordPress website with lots of files like images and other external links without
HTTPS. These functions will automatically do the
job for you, which otherwise you need to do manually in hours of your precious time. Now, If you check the subdomain on your browser
you can see that the SSL certificate works fine and your website is secured. If you want to learn more about WordPress
for beginners and advanced, check out these videos and then please subscribe to get the
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