Free Minecraft Server Hosting Setup In Minutes
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Free Minecraft Server Hosting Setup In Minutes

ok, so you wanna have some free hosting for
your Minecraft server or whatever. well, I have to be honest here. There is no such thing as free hosting, but
there is something that is pretty close to it. and, that’s the Subutai cloud platform which is a peer-2-peer (P2P) provider. Now what is going to happen here, what the deal is, you share your computer
resources and in return you are getting what is called “goodwill”, a cryptocurrency that
they invented, for that you can use someone else’s computer, so you can just imagine this
as during the day when you are at school or in the office, someone is using your computer
and this might be students, who are trying to do some sort of project, or it could be
a data scientist trying to use Hadoop to find out the meaning of life!?! I don’t know what they’re doing, but that’s
the idea and yeah, in return you can use these blueprints with a couple of clicks, you can
actually setup a server. So, there is a guy called Lars Thomsen and
I’m going to show you briefly his website, he has setup the whole thing, you can see
Lars’ Site is LTH.COW.DK and you can follow these screenshots or you can just watch this
video quickly and you’ll know the same thing, its really quite simple, I am going to go
onto the website and you can see the four horsemen here, they kind of look
like the four horsemen of the apocalypse, which might very well be for some of the other
cloud providers. We are going to get started and yourre going to want to register on the which looks like this. We are in the war room here, where we see
all the peers worldwide and the first thing you need to do is actually choose some peers
which are close to home, you add them as favourites, using the buttons here on the right. And then your going to go to products and
it’s super simple, you choose an application blueprint, and then your going to go to the
build and your going to fill out the main properties like the do you agree to the terms
and conditions, yes! the port number, this could be an issue, if there is a lot of people
on the server, your going to have to use a different port number than the default, you
need to give in an environment name, so I don’t know, g5 I like that. domain name, yep! create your own domain names,
there all under And we have some basic settings here. At the end you want to do update, it’s going
to do a quick check here for the ports, all good. then you choose your peer and I found a free
one here, charly2. and we are ready. so, in 5 minutes, this is actually going to
be setup and I can go off and do some gaming, now you’re going to have to also share your
computer and the instructions are all on their website and in return your going to get some
“goodwill”. so, go out there and give it a try! I think it’s totally awesome platform and
the future I see is really bright here, you can imagine actually having all your pictures
in your mobile phone synchronised with your television, with your tablet, your computer,
and, this is all going to be possible on the Subutai platform, more or less sooner, than
later I would suspect. anyway, this is all I wanted to show you here
in the video today. give it a try. if you have got any questions or comments
leave them below, I am out of here, bye for now… now.


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