Free hosting SA-MP Server
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Free hosting SA-MP Server

My Skype: Fastayko Hi Youtube In This Video I Will Show You How To Host Free SA-MP Server! Let’s Start Open Your Browser Goto “” Register “” Link in the description Register Read the “Registration Agreement” Click On “I accept the terms of the agreement and I am at least 5 years old.” Register Here Then Login Goto: “SA-MP Servers” Click on “Read this first” and read it Read it Check if Applications For SA-MP Server are OPEN Application for SA-MP servers are OPEN Click on “Rules and Format of applying for a SA-MP Server Read all the rules Read All Copy the “application Format” Copy Back to “SA-MP Servers” Create “NEW TOPIC” Write on the “Subject:” “SA-MP Server Request” SA-MP Server Request Paste “application Format” in the Topic Paste Answer “application Format’s” questions Post your Topic and wait “TimeHostUp admin team” to reply your topic


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