Free Blog: Yes Or Not? WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Blogger and Tumblr Comparison – Hernan Vazquez
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Free Blog: Yes Or Not? WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Blogger and Tumblr Comparison – Hernan Vazquez

should you go for a free blog that’s a
question that I’ll try to answer on this episode hey we’re ready what’s up burnin
baskets here and I have these really really great questions
thanks for from one of you guys that you know I think it’s a great question which
is should I go for a free blog when I’m starting out should I go for a free
website when I’m starting out what I do not have a website should I go for a
free blog a free platform and you know free platform free blogs they are really
enticing they’re really they’re really you know they cut your eye because you
know if you go to blog or blogspot tumblr
those are free platforms that will allow you to set up a free blog in minutes and
you know there are a bunch of people that I know successful entrepreneurs
that they’ve started with their own free blog like Seth Godin for example he
started on TypePad which is another free blog and I think it’s already it’s still
on TypePad by the way which is great now the question that you need to answer is
what I’ll be using the blog for will it be to promote your ideas will it be a
some marketing strategy will it be your life and blood of your business will it
be for your company what do you want one what do you want to
do on the blog do you want to just spread ideas like Seth Godin does you
want to capture emails do you want to do retargeting campaigns or maybe all of
the above alright so those questions are really important when you’re setting up
your first blow and should you go for a free blog because here’s the deal free
blogs are convenient they are easy to set up they do not cost a dime but
there’s a coast hidden costs a hidden fee associated with that which is which
are rather limitations you will be really really limited in the amount of
things that you can do with a blog so for
sample if you go right now to Symantec Mansouri calm or Hernan Vasquez calm or
rather blog or nan Vasquez calm those are self hosted blogs what does that
mean that means that we have our own domains we’re having on hosting and we
have our own installations okay and that’s like if you’re trying to
get real ninja and real really advanced with your marketing techniques with all
of the little pop-ups and the capture pages and the capture boxes and you know
the culture actions and and the videos that you can implement and all of those
kind of things which are really cool it’s super hard to achieve that on a
free blog okay because on a free blog you do not have access to hosting you do
not have access to a ton of things that make a blog a real professional blog
okay so my suggestion would be if you’re starting out and you want to start
blogging and you want to get and and kind of start playing with the look and
feel for example WordPress go ahead and make a worker’s comp look okay make
something like your name war purse calm start blogging in there start you know
posting in there but and here’s a big but not a big bag with double team a big
part this is a big but if you want to upgrade do not try to upgrade from
WordPress itself okay they will offer you get your own domain they will offer
you get your own hosting do not do that because you will be limited for life
like literally because if you have like earn an Vasquez calm and I have it in
WordPress there are a bunch of things that I cannot do so the minute that you
want to upgrade to something like more professional to something that has your
own domain that something that will allow you more freedom with what you can
do and cannot do just migrate to new hosting and start you know you can
migrate you can actually migrate all of your content so it’s not lost but just
start blogging on our own platform you can install your
own WordPress installation on your own hosting account and you can start from
there okay so again if you’re starting out if
you’re newly or you haven’t blogged before or you have a website but you’re
not entirely sure if you could be blogging like once a week just go ahead
you know and start with your own WordPress com tumblr blogger Wix Weebly
but have in mind that at some point you will need to progress from that and you
will need to have your own hosted solution you do not to do it on your own
you can hire somebody to do it but just have that in mind okay so that there are
no surprises after the fact okay there are a bunch of things that these
companies will tell you that you can can do that you cannot actually do because
those are limited okay and they’re free what can what do you expect all right so
get the credit card out of your ass and start paying for things I’m just kidding
but anyways guys I just wanted to touch base on that real quick because that’s a
recurring question that I have been having and you have any other pressing
questions you know those questions that cannot you know they don’t leave you
sleep like should I get a wordpress blog or not Oh what do I do if that’s your
case not these pairs just drop them in the comment below take them out of your
mind into the power of the Internet the
YouTube power and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my extent of my
experience alright guys so I hope you lo love these videos if you do drop me a
comment drop me alive like subscribe and you can also join the Facebook group and
I’m going to leave all of those links on the description below thank you guys for
watching and I’ll see you guys on the next video bye bye


  • Zahira Elias

    Would you say WordPress is a good option if I want to start an Art blog? I want a place for people to be able to see my paintings and maybe sell them as well, but there are just a bunch of platforms so I'm very confused!!

  • Easy View

    Thanx for ur video.
    I have created and almost completed a website with WIX editor. It is a local job classified site and the posts are under the Blog section of the editor and are are arranged in a list manner . So my question is that would it be fine enough to continue my blog posting with WIX? Or should I have to switch my whole task to WordPress or something other?
    Plz HELP….

  • DINS M D

    Thank you for the tip, I've a doubt… I'm planning to start my own blog about medicine and life of a med student, where do you think I should start my blog on?!?

  • dianahir

    Hi! My situation is this, I have a website with weebly, and I now want to add a blog and weekly email newsletter. I added a feature last week to the site and it's gone!
    I have my site domain purchased for the next few months, but am wondering if I even can do that on weebly. I've been trying to figure it out and can't. What's a good hosting company that will allow me to do that so I can start a new site and move my info over?
    Thanks, Diana
    P.S.- I think your so cute! 😉

  • Bg Jimy

    Oh really ? I was scared that if I've done like 100 post on my blog, that if I needed to move one day, everything will be lost. Thanks for all your answers !

  • Archie Ragh

    Thanks for the info, Very helpful. I'm a complete beginner and do you think i should host my website or use the free one?

  • Bili5 Blog

    Dear sir i have an blog and i work on this blog last 9 month and i create 52 post without copyright issues but no traffic come on my blog and I'm not earn with blog please help me how can i earn and get traffic

  • Michael Howard

    Thank you for sharing some valuable information, Hernan. My plan is to start with providing good content on a blog and then, down the road, upgrade to a site that allows me to post ads and sell products. From the start, it's extremely important for me to have ownership of my content. I'm leaning heavily toward using WordPress. What do you think?

  • Najah dhawre

    I have no clue when it comes to designing web pages that's why I thought may be to start with a blogger or WordPress, the thing with owning your host is that it has security risks and I can't maintain that as I am clueless, my question is which has less security risks between blogger and WordPress.

  • Marks Wrestling Universe

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  • Rkp

    Is wix better than wordpress??…..i need a website for Amazon affiliate and also for my YouTube channel…….plz reply

  • Ruben Sam

    First of all…Awesome content and secondly Awesome again haha. Thanks for sharing so much value. I recently also started a channel myself Leon Angus I would love for you to share some feedaback and giev me some thoguhts on where to improve. Once again thankyou for being great and I look forward to some more of your vids!

  • Kenneth Diano

    I was trying to learn about blogging then I laughed so hard watching this video. Man, this is very informative and you're really funny! Big But! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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