Free, Beautiful Domain Name Logos in Under 2 Minutes
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Free, Beautiful Domain Name Logos in Under 2 Minutes

A beautiful domain name logo like these in
less than 2 minutes, for free. I’ll show you how. My job as an educator at DNAcademy is to empower
you to take control. Relying on others to do simple tasks for you
will only slow you down; and time is money. So today I’m going to show you how I build
beautiful domain name logos in less than 2 minutes using free tools that you have access
to right now. These logos, I think, rival those you can
get at for five or 10 dollars, as well as those you might see at First off, why do we need a logo for our domain
names? I did a video over at the Efty blog about
the importance of a beautiful for-sale landing page. The gist of it was this: what would happen
if you walked into an Apple store and all devices were mixed up, tablets had fingerprints
and smudges, cords were missing, and nobody helped you? That’s right. Nothing would happen. You wouldn’t buy anything. But by focusing on being beautiful, organized
and helpful, Apple’s fantastic products area increases sales — AND they get a premium
price for their products. The same is true for your domain name logo. So create a beautiful logo to go with your
beautiful for-sale landing page. Michael Krell, managing director of,
a successful investor and frequent Sherpa on was recently on a
podcast. He said — and I’m paraphrasing — the purpose
of a logo was a simple visual identity for an acquiring company that can be used on their
website or business cards for the first six to nine months before they invest in their
branding process. I think that’s a perfect description. And that should be our goal for a logo too. We can also glean eight other important facts
about the logos they design at 1. Horizontal perspective
2. Includes brand name as text
3. One or two colors, make words stand out
4. Does not include the top-level domain in text
5. Vast majority include an image or icon of
some sort 6. Image may be integrated into the brand text
7. Image is to the left of or above the brand
text 8. Text uses sans serif, not serif, font Go search Google for sans serif versus serif
to understand the differences. Basically, serifs are great for print; sans
serifs are great for web. This should be your four-step process before
you even start the process of designing: 1. Get definition of word(s) you want to create
a logo for. 2. Build a list of keywords or phrases. 3. Identify the words that match the highest
and best use case. This is a concept I teach in DNAcademy for
maximizing your potential sales profit. 4. Play with design. I went to NameJet and looked through their
pre-release exclusives. catches my eye. It was on a recent DomainSherpa Review episode
and the Sherpas didn’t love it, but I’m going to select it for this tutorial. First off, let’s get a definition. Go to and type in define:vaporization. Now I make a list of keywords or keyword phases. I’ll add phase change, liquid to vapor, vapor,
smoke, vape, vaping The highest and best use case is likely going
to be associated with vaping and the cannabis industry. It’s massive and continues to grow exponentially. The final step is to play with the design. For this step, I’m going to introduce you
to an app called Snappa. As an aside, if you want to hear the whole
story about why Chris Gimmer, the CEO of Snappa, upgraded from to, sign
up for the DomainSherpa newsletter at because Monday that interview comes out and
you don’t want to miss it. So go over to, sign up for a free
account, and let’s get to work. Here’s the process we’re going to follow to
build a logo for 1. 360×200 pixels wide x tall
2. Place word
3. If two words, consider pallate
4. Search for simple icon to place
5. Output with a transparent background
6. Clean up with Preview, Seashore or your favorite
graphics program Timer ready? Let’s go! I’m going to create a graphic dimensioned
to 360 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. I’m going to add text, and place the word
Vaporization in the box. Go with whatever font you like, but make sure
it’s a sans serif font. I’ll select the Lato Heavy font. And I’ll resize the box and font size until
it’s close to maximum for the width while still allowing a logo. Next I need to pick a color, so I visit
(like but with an extra o) and click the space button until I see a color I like. Double click the hex number, copy it, and
then come back to Snappa and paste it. Now I need an image, so I go to the graphics
tab and search for some of the words you brainstormed earlier. I type vapor. No results. How about smoke? Hmmm…I don’t like these. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Even though I know vaping doesn’t involve
fire, let’s search for it. I do like this smoke symbol, even though I
don’t like the bar. We can fix that. So I click it and it inserts onto my work
space. It would be cool to make the smoke come off
the letter i because it’s almost mid-center and gives it balance, so I’ll flip it upside
down. Now I’ll insert a box, make it white and use
it to cover the dot of the letter i. Actually both I’s. Now I’ll move the smoke symbol over the letter
i and center it. Click this icon to bring it in front of the
white box. And I’ll copy the white square and place it
over the base of the smoke. That was easy, and I really like it. Click save. Now let’s output it. Since it’s only for web use, it can be a simple
high resolution PNG, and be sure to check the “transparent background” box. When I open it using Preview on my Mac I can
see the white boxes, so I will click the toolbox icon, then the “instant alpha” icon, then
click once on the area, the press the delete key, repeat, and we’re done. A beautiful, well crafted, logo for use on
your landing page. I scanned through the NameJet list and found
a couple more domains that I wanted to create logos for. Here’s one for, and here’s
one for Grinds sounds like my favorite coffee spot
already. Again, in under 2 minutes using I want to point out that you don’t have to
pay for Snappa — they offer a free option — but I like saving my graphics so I’ll gladly
pay $120 per year for access to a tool that helps me be more productive. And if you want to see some logos in action,
my for-sale landing pages show logos I created in under two minutes for:, and Now go out there and make some beautiful logos
and landing pages! And don’t forget to sign up for the DomainSherpa
newsletter at to watch Chris Gimmer’s interview on Monday,
May 1st.


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