Four steps to hosting a successful energy treasure hunt
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Four steps to hosting a successful energy treasure hunt

[MUSIC] Discover a trove of
hidden energy savings and have fun doing it with an ENERGY STAR®
Treasure Hunt! During the hunt, teams of
intrepid energy explorers will search your
facility to uncover savings. Need a map? Go to to find all the resources you
need to plan your hunt today. First, identify a site that could use a boost in
energy performance. Work with the site manager
to schedule the hunt. You’ll gather utility
bills and equipment information, and create teams from across the organization and building
to trawl for treasure in different
sections of the facility. With your course set, you’ll be ready to uncover your
building’s hidden energy gold! Kick off the hunt by
outfitting your teams with site information, their Treasure
Map, and a Detail Sheet. The teams will
begin with the items on their Treasure
Map to identify opportunities to save and build
from there. Savings are everywhere! Who knows what your
team will find! After the hunt, schedule time to quantify
potential energy savings and complete your Detail Sheets. Present your estimated
savings to management, develop your plans to
implement the projects, and share your
findings with EPA! You’ll help make your
site more efficient, earn ENERGY STAR recognition
for your participation, and inspire others to dig for
their own hidden treasure. Visit for a how-to guide
and other resources to help get you started.

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  • kokovox D

    Dryers sold in the USA are still not required to have an energy label. It is 2019 by the way. Heat pump dryers is something most Americans have never heard of.

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