FNAF the Musical: Web of Lies (feat. Adrisaurus) [by Random Encounters]

This is Mike… Say, how would you like a bit of a promotion? You know how it is with Fazbear Entertainment… You can uh… never have too much security. Oh boy… that didn’t take very long… Look, I don’t know what to tell you. accidents happen. Anyplace that’s working with kids is gonna have itself a few… hiccups. Hiccups? Three kids have gone missing from your restaurant this year alone, plus two last year, countless injuries, and that manager found with his head bashed in. Eggs? MIKE. Oh right because Eggs was the one that got bitten in the… uh… Forget I said that. Apparently your never-ending list of “hiccups” has grown too long for even you to recall. Which is why the board is calling for the suspension of your operating license. Look, they can CALL all they want. they can’t actually shut me down unless… …unless the board comes and inspects the restaurant in person. Which they will within the next five days. Clean up your restaurant. Mr. Afton. Or you and your bear costume will need to find a new accident to manage. Every inch of this place is incriminating! Ten minutes of poking around this place and they’ll discover what I did to those kids! Unless of course they discover what… you did to these kids. Wild free-roaming animatronics are dangerous after all! Which one? That’s perfect! Foxy. Foxy the ferocious! The DEFECTIVE animatronic that caused the bite of ’87! Sorry, Foxy you and I have a date with health & safety. Working late boss? Not for too much longer! Make sure that you get those new servers installed for me. Already done, I’m just backing up your old files. Backing up? What do you mean backing up? Uh… Like making sure everything is copied over. I don’t want them copied over! I want it all wiped CLEAN. Like irrecoverably? Like BURNED… to ASH. I’m out for the night, *bop!* Get it done. Time to make you a star! One year has passed… since things began to change And the Fazbear brand… was cursed! The deaths were all… mysterious and strange. Still I bought it all, at first! They denied…. A string of violent homicides! No matter what I’ve tried, I’ve always been- caught within a web of lies…. *Instrumental!* The phone guy came, in the middle of the night- -and dragged Foxy down the hall! He’s hatched a hoax, called the ’87 Bite and let Foxy take the fall! Now us three….. Need help to set poor Foxy free! We’ll find the padlock key and fight the ebb of the web of lies…. Keep an eye on ’em BB. Something seems fishy about the other animatronics. HI. This strange hidden file, fell into my lap! I need to uncover, the truth! Access Denied? Yes override! Did I just goof? Hello! That’s it! The keys, are hanging on the wall! And there’s not a soul in sight! Abort! Escape! Stop trying to install- forty million kilobytes! Something’s wrong… This AI’s gotten far to strong! You’ve used me all along to set you free! Now, I see your web of lies…. Ah! It’s Elizabeth, isn’t it? What are you? I’m a hidden file… or am I? I guess none of us here are quite what we seem. Take you for example. a hard working Fazbear employee secretly investigating the death of her brother Michael. Or your uncle. An outstanding business manager using his restaurant as cover to murder kids in his spare time. What a web of lies we’ve created. Get away from me! Hey, hey, hey chill out! You freed me. You deserve a reward! How about a haircut? OOGH! Get the keys to Freddy! Elizabeth! Don’t you wanna see Mikey?! The doors, are locked! The restaurant is mine! I’m in your reality! (We have to warn the others!) So run, and hide! Cuz here’s the bottom line! You’re all trapped in here with me! (Freddy, they’re coming!) Go on, shout! No one will ever let you out! And lest there’s any doubt, all hope has died! Trapped! Inside my web of lies! What is this thing? It’s cute. Ah hah! The great Freddy Fazbear. In the flesh. Are you gonna kill us? Of course not. I’ve got something better planned. Good luck with thos- *SMASH* Don’t look at the cage! Don’t mind the giant cage. So discreet! Much Subtle! Woo! It was getting hot in there. Thanks for watching and please check out all the awesome creators who helped make this like Mat and Adriana. If you want to watch more FNAF musicals, they’re all linked right here on Random Encounters. And break that bell while you’re at it. Fans of the song can get it on Amazon, Apple music and free on spotify. Bonnie salute! OOOGH! (:O Beardy?!) Special thanks to our patreon encounters, including my best friend Charlie.

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