Fixer Upper – An Open Kitchen for Hosting – HGTV
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Fixer Upper – An Open Kitchen for Hosting – HGTV

[music playing] The design inspiration
in this house was really to create a nice,
open space for their family. They love to host a lot of
their friends and family. So I wanted to create
a space that was open, but where every little nook had
a really neat design element that really set it apart. So with the island
being as large as it is, I really wanted to create a
little more definition here. And so what I ended
up doing is adding these architectural
elements on both sides. It really helped
create more of a center to this entire kitchen. What I like about
the backsplash is it’s really simple
and clean, but it also ties in to the rest of
the space with the grays we’ve done throughout the house. So now our client has a ton
of space to entertain in and to prep. I really wanted to
create interest in here, so it didn’t seem too big
with a lack of character. Even though the
kitchen is huge, I just love that when you walk in,
it doesn’t seem overwhelming. With the architectural pieces
and even the little kitchen nook and the built-in
that we added over here, I think these
elements really help create a very defined space.


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