[Fixed] FileZilla Connection Refused TimeOut Error After 20 Seconds – cPanel (Step by Step)
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[Fixed] FileZilla Connection Refused TimeOut Error After 20 Seconds – cPanel (Step by Step)

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miss another update. hello everyone this is Ashok from domain brazzer.com
and today we are going to resolve FTP connection Timeout error
we can resolve this issue easily by just doing a some customisation in filezilla application
before that we need an FTP account so in this case for a demonstration purpose
I have created demo @ test.domainracer.com FTP account
to configuration so here are some configuration now we are moving towards a filezilla application
in that click on edit option and in that settings so click FTP Transfer mode must be active
and make sure this one is a tick mark 1 then click on Active mode in this we have to put
some port restrictions means put range so in this case we will preferred as 50k and
66 The Peoples will generally used this range the then click on passive mode and in that
fall back to active mode and hit on Ok button then lastly last setting
is remaining that is a email configuration ok so in this case click hit on new site so
I already have created a demo in this type your hostname and port number protocol must
be FTP encryption mode only use plaintext FTP and logon type is normal in this field
we have to type your email ID that is FTP username and FTP password the last most important
setting is a transfer setting in this hit on Active mode and click on limit number of
synchronous connections and place one and it click on save option
let’s see whether it will work or not ok connection established connected retrieve
directory listing and we have connected with the services this wey we have resolved connection
timeout error.


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