• shashank S.K

    Economics is built on top of the social and political constructs, which is again built on individual beliefs and behavior which are very unpredictable. Applying this individual unpredictability through various group interactions and time parameters makes for the very interesting black box of economics (looks like a living being of its own).

  • Takashi Murakami

    I agree. There isn't such a thing called free market decision.
    It is very rare to any advertising tell truth, they are allowed to cheat and to lie to the public called as "effort to sell".
    The main difference between democratic capitalism and communism is in the way to convince people to behave as what manipulated to behave. The first go by deceiving, lying, convincing that people have free mind while the second use the force. The so called socialist collective society use the collective coercion force to manipulate people's behavior as politically correctness, humanitary correctness, etc.
    In short, the economic theories are nothing more than theories of mass behavior under manipulation of one way or another. The best magician with best trick wins.

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