First-Ever Xbox Gaming Tournament Hosted at 2018 Special Olympics USA Games
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First-Ever Xbox Gaming Tournament Hosted at 2018 Special Olympics USA Games

>>We are right now at the
University of Washington campus for the first ever gaming tournament
at the USA Special Olympics Games.>>There are more than 4,000 athletes
and coaches here supported by 50 different state and local
programs. Esports, competitive gaming,
gaming is such a big deal around the world.
Why include it in this year’s USA Games?>>Because we’re about
revolutionary thinking and revolutionary thinking means
we have to break down barriers and breaking down barriers
means we have to find every available opportunity for
people to play and compete.>>Kevin’s actually to take the
lead here. This could come down the wire to determine who are
top finishers will be. A lot of people think the Special
Olympics isn’t about competition, they’re showing today
that they’re ready to compete.>>We have brought Special
Olympics and Xbox together to do something that has never been
done before that will change the course of history going
forward.>>We really want to empower all gamers
to play and to compete in the way that they want to. And so by bringing a gaming tournamant
to the Special Olympics, we really hope that sends
the message to all gamers that the joy of competition
is yours on a big stage. The prize is two custom-made consoles.
It says “Rise With Us,” which is the Special Olympics tag
line and the Special Olympics logo on top.>>First place, drum roll…. Team Dempsey, Nicholas and Tim!>>Come on stage, Tim, come on stage, guys. What on earth was it like for
you down there?>>Speachless.


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