• Jugad sen

    Thanks for the detailed tutorial.

    i have got this question & i know if anyone can answer my question its you ( someone who runs an seo agency & not just speaking without experiance ) so my question is

    Is it mandatory that google count the links i am making to see any ranking benefit from them, whenever i create links i get benefits in ranking, but no new links show up in my google search console, can you please shed some light, i am sure you know about this thing

  • Michael Andre

    Hi, thanks for your video, although when I go to freshdrop.com, all the indicators are absent and I'm unable to filter out the results because it always returns 0 domain. Did they change anything or is it just me ?

  • Ali Senejani

    Hi, thanks Nathan. How to find relevancy for all these example domains you showed? Say your main website is about fitness, how do you filter out expired/expiring domains related to fitness category only? Thanks.

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