Final Fantasy XIV ► What’s the Perfect Server for You? | New Player’s Guide
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Final Fantasy XIV ► What’s the Perfect Server for You? | New Player’s Guide

What’s up guys, Anders here with the first
in a series of videos aimed to those just starting out or thinking
of trying Final Fantasy XIV. My goal is to answer some basic questions
you may have and I know I had when I first started out and try to give you as
much information as I can about the topic. In this one, we’re going to take a look at
choosing a server to play on. Simple enough, but there are a couple of things
you should be aware of before choosing just any
random server. When first launching the
game you’ll be asked to choose a Data Center. This lets you choose your region. There are a total of six different data centers,
three of which are for the Japan region and have servers in Japan, two
are for the North America region and have servers in Canada, and the last data
center is for the Europe region with servers in Germany. This is important because your ping will vary
greatly depending on where you live and what data
center you choose. For example,
I live in the East Coast of the United States and have 20ms ping to the NA
data center. If I were to create a character in one of
the Japanese servers, I’d have around 200ms ping and around 120ms ping
if I played on the European servers. The lower the ping the less lag in your actions
in the game and the overall better experience you’ll have. There are free and paid programs you can use
to lower the ping and latency you experience, but for
now focus on choosing a data center in your region. If you live in Japan or North America you
have more than one option in data centers and each of these data centers contain 8 to
13 servers. They vary per data
center and the number of servers available shouldn’t be a big deal, but they do
affect the pool of players you are paired with in instanced content
as the game only pairs you with other players within the same data center. Theoretically speaking, Aether data center
in North America has the largest amount of servers at 13 and therefore should
have the largest pool of players. This isn’t always the case as each server
within the data center have varying populations. Which leads me to the next thing you should
think about. Population. If this is your first MMO, the population
will affect the social aspect of the game, of course, but will also
affect the atmosphere as you play. Being that the game is solo friendly, seeing
barren cities and zones as you level can be a little bland and frankly boring. With larger servers you have
a higher chance to see more activity and therefore have the world feel more
alive and immersive. With that said, right now there are a handful
of very popular servers two of which are incredibly difficult
to create a character in because the character limit of those servers are often
maxed and it becomes very difficult to create your character in these servers. If you choose to join these high population
servers you’ll have to watch the Character Creation Restriction notice on the
Lodestone website and check every five hours when they refresh the restrictions. Another chance to create a character, if you’re
desperate to get into Gilgamesh or Balmung in the NA data center is to wait
for a game maintenance. Usually
there is a small window where you are able to create characters in those servers
right after a maintenance completes. If you can’t be bothered to go through all
that, which I wouldn’t blame you. But are still adamant about playing
in the highest population servers, you can create a character on any server and
any data center and then pay an $18 fee or your regional
equivalent to transfer to any server of your choosing as the restrictions do
not apply to server transfers. That’s pretty much the more important stuff
you need to know about servers. Final Fantasy XIV does not segregate RPOnly
Servers, PVP Only Servers, and PVE only servers like some
other MMOs, like WoW for example. Everything is mixed together and there is
no open world PVP so that’s not even a concern for those looking to avoid that. Before I leave ya I will give you some suggestions
as to what servers to choose if you just want to be told what servers to
go for. Now this is strictly from my
personal experience as I’ve played on all data centers,
so obviously there is some bias and feel free to hear
other players’ opinions, but in the end you decide, alright? Now if you want to
focus on endgame raiding, which I highly suggest. You’ll want to make a character
on Gilgamesh or Sargatanas in the Aether NA Data center, Behemoth, Excalibur,
or Leviathan in the Primal NA Data center. Tonberry on the Elemental JP data
center, and Odin, Ragnarok, or Cerberus in the Chaos EU Data Center. Those in
my opnion have the larger raiding populations out of the collective. I didn’t
include other JP servers simply because most English speaking East Asia and
Oceanic players tend to play on Tonberry as it is the unofficial English JP
server. Now if you’re not interested in raiding right
now, but want to maybe experience it down the line, maybe you are
also interested in RP as well. Then I
suggest you go for Balmung, Gilgamesh, or Cactuar in Aether NA Data Center. Cerberus, Phoenix, or Ragnarok on Chaos EU
Data Center, and Tonberry again on Elemental JP Data Center. Lastly here are some stereotypes, I guess,
on certain servers. Take this as you will, but they’re good to
know and like I said, from my own personal experience, so I could be
completely off base here and feel free to disagree with me. Balmung is the largest population server in
Final Fantasy XIV. Heavily RP focused and can be a little too
eRP focused in some starting zones. Almost impossible to get into unless you transfer,
so if you’re not interested don’t even worry about
it. Gilgamesh saw a huge influx
of players in the last year due to the servers larger focus on raiding. Lot’s
of raiding and clears happening, making it usually the top NA server in terms of
raid clears. Sometimes called Greg and Hollywood because
of this. Tonberry is
full of Australians usually. Had a nice time there, you’re coupling the
JP mentality of having a strong in game economy
with a server that is open to English only speakers. Really awesome server. Zodiark is one of the most
casual servers I’ve ever been on and good luck raiding there. Economy is pretty shit,
but if you choose to focus on crafting and gathering you can make a ton of gil
since supply is always low. Adamantoise is turtle power server. Pretty average
in basically everything. Can’t really go wrong, but you’ll struggle
getting that immersive feel. Still, it’s my first ever server back at 2.0
relaunch, so I still recommend it. Moogle is full of French speakers and players. I’ll end my comment with
that, though there are also a large Spanish speaking majority there if you’re looking
for that. Shiva on the other hand is full of German
speaking players. Hit or miss quality wise. Cerberus is pretty good on the EU side. Met some real good people there. Decent economy and above average raiding scene,
I’d say. That’s all I got for you. Hopefully this was useful to you guys. Like I said most
of the stuff is my opinion and feel free to disagree by leaving a dislike or a like
if you want to see more stuff like this! Have fun in the game! and I’ll see ya in the
next one.


  • 4NewHop3

    Cactuar is Bestuar. I was from Jenova during 2.0 – 2.1, which wasn't very fun at all. Nothing about it was fun tbh. Cactuar is the best server I've been in compared to ANY server in ANY MMO.

  • Dojjin

    Pretty sure I am ON siren. (Stopped playing about resubmit for hopefully several years this time). The pop on Siren was great and the community was solid as well. Now I have now clue now but we will see, will update.

  • LordVeral

    Kind of sad you didn't mention Mateus on the NA Aether data center…Granted we're probably one of the smallest servers but our community is very tight nit (for the most part) we do have raiding and rp on Mateus, not as big as some of the other servers of course. We're slowly getting larger…like very slowly…our only issue is people leaving (mainly for gilg or balmung) because they think it's too small which only makes the problem worse so…i'll kindly ask people looking for a friendly server who might be interested in smaller communities but also interested in raiding and/or roleplay to stop by Mateus <3

  • Mocita

    This was recommended to me, and I found it very informative. I was thinking about transferring servers, since I'm getting nowhere in mine(Leviathan). It's full of completionists that don't care about people who don't know how things are run. Thanks for providing this video with other server ideas.

  • W4NDA Ross

    Is it possible for an ozzie (Australian) to mention their ping on Tonberry?! I'm on Phoenix but good god I get more than 200 ms ping. Not sure if its worth switching to Tonberry

  • Wretched Egg

    Go Turtle server! Even though it's not actually a turtle, more of a tortoise XD

    But no really, it's the most balanced/average server out there with a very friendly, established community. Perfect for pretty much anyone who isn't a super hardcore raider or RPer, really good place to bring your rl friends who all have different interests together.


    Brynhildr is my home. We may be a bunch of goofy shitposters, but we have a few world first clears and a great hunt season

  • 16afoster

    I wish I would have saw this two months ago when I first started playing. I made my character on the Goblin server and it's so lame. There's never anyone there. I want to be on a server where I can interact and have fun with people. Not just go solo

  • john lim

    Is it possible to play with people in different servers? For example my friends play on one of the casual servers that's easy to be rich in but I want to be in a server that is more into raiding but at the same time play with my friends. Would that be possible?

  • Jake’sGame&Tech.TV

    Great video! Thank you for making this, I'm a veteran player but i have been wondering what servers are best for me and how decide what servers to put my ALTS on or Transferring to.

  • Nicocchi

    alright so my main is on behemoth, was invited by some friends to come over to adamantoise, so glad i didnt use character transfer because holyyyyyy fuck, limsa lominsa, never more than 10 people in tp area and marketboard combined. using "contacts" menu under social for all the stuff i ran in DF i only ran into 2 people from adamantoise and 1 was my gf, the rest were cactuar, coeurl, etc.

    im in asia and couldnt get into tonberry for the 2 years i've been playing now so yeah timezone and stuff to be expected but holy shit its like nobody plays in adamantoise.

    definitely go behemoth, if you're from asia like me and have problems getting into tonberry. or you could use a character transfer as stated in the video 😀 and idk ping wasnt too bad, have multiple capped jobs on behemoth, multiple clears on endgame content only trouble i ran into was TITAN EX early on (holyyyyyyyyy shittttt "BUT I WASNT IN THE TELEGRAPH!!!" so i just managed to memorize it and move before titan even did anything to keep me safe.) but everything else?? good. just keep on your toes.

    as for adamantoise, im just going to stick it out =_= or i could just force my gf to move to behemoth with my main lol
    TBF most of the adamantoise night owl people probably hang out in the HW areas, but in behemoth people were everywhere :ok_hand:

    goodluck to new players!! hopefully i helped out

  • CrimsonKnight

    Cactuar is amazing, although maybe not a great server to pick if you need a sort of "Tour Guide" in the early parts of the game.

  • Bunneh Hime

    I was hoping to find a new server since all the good friends I had left the game. I made some friends on the server but too much drama and its not the same as it was. I'm on the jenova server its an okay server but doesn't feel the same. I was thinking Gilgamesh but any other cool options? I was hoping to find more support to better my characters in most of my jobs and progressing the game.

  • ArchangelofLight

    Just bought my ps4 pro and about to throw this game in with some boost mode and my new ssd. Probably going to try out Mateus since I'm fairly new to the game. Hoping it's as friendly as everyone says

  • Death March

    what's the most active server? Goblin is THE WORST SERVER TO JOIN ever since i've been on……. it's been dead you only see a small hand full in towns…… and no one talks …… i want to jump to a new server….

  • Kyon-J

    Ive been enjoying Adamantoise quite well, it may not be as packed as Balmung but there are alot of nice a decent folk here, in time with a nice influx im sure we'll be hitting those famous marks ^^

  • Joseph

    I'm considering getting this on PS4 but is it region locked on PS4? Since I'm in the UK and changed to NA will it work?

  • C4 Garuda

    starting anew on xiv, picking up as we speak. will be in phionex server wit a friend frm uk! hope to see more friendlies there!

  • 0ddMonk3y

    I dunno why they won't just combine all the servers(Worlds) together or make 3 main ones. One of the reasons why I quit playing.

    I do not want to play in an inactive world

  • Lucas Kayne

    "Tonberry is the unofficial English JP server" Yeah…I'd like to say thats true but I hardly see english speakers on Tonberry. shrug

    Sadly the little I get there is more than any other.

  • Zaki Arx

    Masamune – if u can't go to Tonberry, try Masamune, lots of casual english speaker mainly from SEA and Australia. Though its hard to make English speaking player only raid… buts English speaking community is here(LS/FC). And the japanese player in Masamune is very tolerant/friendly to EN player. Some multilingual players even making event mixing players on both sides (Chocobo Race, Haunted Hause, NPC Party(not official event, but players))

  • Mooniak

    As a player from Zodiark and a person with really low experience in mmo in general I actually wanna say that this server is really player-friendly. I had just one situation when someone was mad at me because I watched cutscene on dungeon (enjoying story <3 ), but it was one time for 6 months I play now. I often meet people who are happy to help, explain mechanics or anything you may not know and need help with.
    So if you are someone with no experience at all and you may be affraid that people will eat you alive for some mistakes – Zodiark may be place for you 🙂 .

  • Commander Shepard

    Did you say Cerberus?! Those bastards are everywhere! How far is The Illusive Man willing to go dammit!

    I should go.

  • Garmmer Mibe

    I'm on Aegis and really….I just don't know anything about it. Lol. I've never really heard anything about it. It seems like there's a fair number of English speakers on it, despite it being a Japanese world. Though, obviously, it's still primarily Japanese. I have been in one multilingual FC on it, with people from all over the place; Mexico, Singapore, Australia, and obviously, NA with my inclusion. Then, I also found an Australian FC on one of my alts. And, currently, I'm in a mostly English FC with people who seem to primarily be in NA.

    Can't really comment on anything else. Haven't played on other servers, (Maybe I should, but since you can only transfer items to your other characters through the markets…) so I don't know how its economy stacks up against the others. Though, I have seen the materia prices dropping drastically, just like all the other worlds from what I've heard, since you now have a chance at detaching materia.

    If I had to guess, it's probably one of the lower pop servers due to us currently having the Road to 60 buff, but obviously, there's still enough people there to strike up an entry que at the launch of a new expansion.

  • Overrated Cynic

    What I can add to the cahos data center after playing since 2.0 launch:

    Odin – strong raid community, regarded as elitist server in EU, pretty easy to just be by yourself there though

    Ragnarok – good raid server with more chillcommunity compared to Odin

    Cerberus – only found nice and good people from there so far, probably best MC raid server

    Moogle – yup it's french, no idea what's going on there

    Shiva – it's German and I can guarantee that almost any German RP there will make you want to disable chat. But it has a great server wide connected community.

  • Chris Everly

    One thing I can tell you about the Aether and Primal Datacenters after 2 years of playing. Primal Data Center – you tend to get paired up with the most unpleasant assholes you can think of, will bitch and complain about everything, not even realizing a majority of the time, they need to listen to their own obscene comments about how to play. Occasionally you will get lucky and get a nice group of folks, but its very few and far between. Aether however is night from day. The exact opposite – just about every group you get put into is super nice and helpful even if its not needed, and the amount of jerky ass munchers you tend to get are few and far between and a majority of the time, they actually end up getting kicked for their mouth. But on Primal, good luck trying to kick a belligerent player – as most of the folks there support the behavior.

  • verybigmath

    Omega in the Eu region is a good sever for new players, it has a good mix of everything and lot's of mentors willing to help, I'd say it's a medium populated server, in some parts of the day it can get crowded.
    It's the RP hub of Europe so there are a lot of social events going on. People speak English mostly but also some French and German guilds exist.

  • SeniorDerpFace

    I think you can't really go wrong the game community is welcoming and friendly for the most part either way

  • SilentSlayerGaming

    balmung is such bs. I want to play on there with all of my friends but nope I can't even buy a character transfer now it's so full. I get that the other servers need to get more attention and new players. But I didn't buy the game to play alone on a server. I bought the game to play with my friends. This is why I hate when MMOS have tons of servers.

  • DixiesAttic

    I was thinking about trying this seeing as it has a free trial being in Australia this info was good to know, so thank you. Not sure if I am going to try it yet, as I have already pre-ordered fallout 76 and don't really want to be part of more than one mmo at the same time but still I can see me getting bored with 76 so maybe. I really like FF games but have never tried the mmo version.

  • Summer Schilling

    I play on Jenova in NA. We have a Facebook group as well and we are a small but tight knit and fun server!

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