Filing a Copyright Claim Dispute for PUBLIC DOMAIN Content
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Filing a Copyright Claim Dispute for PUBLIC DOMAIN Content

everybody today I’m gonna show you in a
very quick video here what I do when one of my videos has been flagged for
copyrighted content and I believe that the subject content is something that is
in the public domain that is content that is no longer protected under
copyright law so this is not the same thing as fair use as a fair use argument
my argument for the dispute is public domain so I’ve got some text written
here a few paragraphs I will share that with you let’s take a quick look at that
it’s in a Google Doc and I will share the link in the description so here’s
the title basically saying also saying that this is not legal advice I’m not an
attorney I’m not telling you what to do every situation is different if you want
legal advice you need to talk to an attorney what I’m doing with this video
and this text is I’m this is the text that I use and if you want to use this
text as well you’re free to do so I don’t mind but you do so at your own
risk so basically the text is three different paragraphs the subject
material contained in this video is in the public domain and is not eligible
for copyright protection the these yellow highlighted portions are things
that I would just update depending on which video it is and who the original
artist was artist name was a popular performer or singer or speaker during
the 1940s through 70s or whatever time period would be applicable this
recording was made prior to 1976 thus by statute the copyright expired after 28
years from the creation of the recording and the work entered the public domain
this recording along with many other recordings by the artist is in the
public domain number one is in the public domain
number two is no longer protected by copyright law and number three is
frequently sampled by other artists and YouTube creators artists from time to
time sample parts of these recordings that are in the public domain but the
sampling does not demonstrate any exclusive right to the original artists
recording because these recordings are in the public domain and have been in
the public domain for many years I respectfully ask that you release the
copyright claim for the content of this video
thank you so that’s the text the actual procedure that I follow to submit the
dispute on my video is I click the hyperlink here I go into the content of
the of the dispute and there’s there’s a link here actually filed a dispute so I
just click that I copy the text that I’ve written up and the public domain
radio button is the one on the bottom I choose that one and I’ve got to indicate
that I agree with these different statements here okay and on this page
there’s a text box and that’s where I paste in my argument okay and then I
file I click these two different checkboxes write my name in here in full
and then I’m good to go now I have had success with getting this accepted so
far there’s been quite a few different videos that where the copyright claim
has been released I believe that my argument is actually valid and true and
that the subject material does you know legally is legally in the public domain
now I’m not an expert at it so I could be wrong but that’s the argument that
I’m trying to make and the claimants have so far released their claim if you
want to use this text you are free to do so
you do so at your own risk if you found this video helpful please give a thumbs
up I really appreciate it thank you


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