FileZilla Server Tutorial – Setup FTPS (Secure FTP)
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FileZilla Server Tutorial – Setup FTPS (Secure FTP)

In previous tutorial we have learned how to setup a quick FTP server but it’s unsecured. So this video, we are going to further customize it by adding the encryption to the connection so we can have a secure connection. First in a FileZilla Server, open the setting head over to FTP over TLS setting Check enable FTPS. To add encryption to our connection, we need a digital certificate if you plan to use your FTP commercially or publicly I recommend you to purchase the certificate from the certificate company. But if you plan to use it for a couple peoples or use it for a friend I recommend you to just generate a certificate. You need to add the information to the certificate about your server, about your organization about your location and country Once you have entered all the information, select where you’ll place your certificate and click “Generate the certificate” Enter the key password for your certificate and click OK Now our connection should be secured and encrypted. I’m going to try connecting to the server again. You’ll get a warning of unknown certificate since we are generating our own (self-signed) certificate. You won’t receive this warning message if you are purchasing the certificate from a company. Now you see that all the information we enter to the certificate a moment ago are displayed here so the more valid of the information the more confident the user will have on your certificate. Just click OK You’ll see that in the status message you have the TLS connection established so that’s mean all the data transfer to server is now encrypted. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe 😀


  • User1080

    Thank you. I was going nuts. I created the certificate, but I misunderstood the private key. I was creating putty keys, IIS key exports and wouldn't work. Didn't realize it was the same thing.

  • killerpot. stuclaire

    how to set the fpt for my friend to connect why you show us localhost man no one will connecte like that ?

  • Carlos Ivan Donoso Osorio

    and how it is possible to generate a certificate signed by a file path, what is the procedure, thank you.

  • freejack1982

    Thanks, but that does not work over the internet with a public ip address. I start believing filezilla server is not capable of that.

  • Vially kazadi mutombo

    The way you did in your videos it's just for using on the same computer another computer can't connect to the FTP server because you're setting the server as localhost. Anyway…

  • Rob Peterson

    keep getting "Could not load certificate file: error:02001005:system library:fopen:Input/output error (0)" when using the "Generate Certificate" function … ?

  • Paul G

    Works perfectly. I am able to conenct from another PC using FileZilla client to conenct to my FileZilla server over FTPS port 990,

  • Discover New Stuff

    I noticed Filezillah server is still beta version. So is it safe and when is the proper version going to be launched ?

  • Arthur Klisiewicz

    Upgrades not working, registration fails, not responsive, spaming my mailbox with automated messages.
    Worst of all – they ask me to upgrade, while even download link is not working. Those people are the worst software people I've been dealing with in my 40 years of IT work.
    Although program itself is not terribly bad, people behind it as just a nightmare 🙁

  • J_Net Reloaded

    This is total bs as windows ftp server is a moronic thing to do windows is insecure asf thats why windows has windows shares and linux has real servers like sftp web servers db servers etc, windows is crap its only good for gaming and rendering yt vids!

  • Gabriel777

    I see you get a different window with panes after reconnecting to server. I did not get that second window. What did I do wrong?Thanks

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