Filezilla Server And Client Setup – Complete Guide 2017
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Filezilla Server And Client Setup – Complete Guide 2017

Hello Friend’s, It’s nice to see you again. I’m Ajay Maan and i welcome to you on my YouTube channel. I hope this video will be very helpful. If you want to build a FTP server quickly. You can access this FTP in local network without configuring port forwarding. If you want to access this FTP from outside then you to configure port forwarding on Public IP. So Let’s start….. Step -1 Download and install Filezilla FTP server. STEP- 2 Configure/Setup FTP server Step- 3 Add User and Home folder details Hit the red subscribe button below this video to Subscribe my channel STEP 4- Test the FTP server by accessing the server using Filezilla client software. Download and install filezilla client software on client side and add site Information. Check your Firewall settings on server side if server is not accessible. You can see setup completed successfully. Thanks for watching ……Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE my channel. If you like this video, click on Thumbs Up icon below the the video and share this video with your friends.

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