FileMaker QuickBooks Hosting in the Cloud from Productive Computing
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FileMaker QuickBooks Hosting in the Cloud from Productive Computing

– Hi I’m Marc Larochelle,
President of Productive Computing. I’d like to introduce to you a new service called QuickBooks desktop
hosting in the cloud, stay tuned. (tinkling chimes music) So FileMaker and QuickBooks hosting, this is actually video one of a three-part video series we plan to do. In this video, part
one, we’re going to talk about what it is we’ve
created and why we created it. In video part two, that video will talk about how that process works
and they’ll be a demo provided. Then in part three, several weeks later, we’ll talk about use cases
and customer stories. So what is this exactly? What is QuickBooks hosting? First, we want to understand that this involves
QuickBooks desktop hosting, this is not QuickBooks
for the online version, this is QuickBooks Desktop, and that’s the version that you would normally see on your individual machine, for let’s say a bookkeeper or
an owner in a small company, or for a larger company, they’ll be a multi-user QuickBooks installation, where you might have the file
on a file server somewhere, but still within your own infrastructure and not in a hosted situation. So what we’ve created is the ability to move the on-site
QuickBooks files to the cloud, and in a sense, users
have their own desktop, so when they connect to the
cloud, they’re still accessing the QuickBooks files they know and love, they’re just doing it in
the cloud and from anywhere. So let’s talk about
this a little bit more. Why did we create this offering? The request came mostly from customers. Customers that were already
hosting their FileMaker files had the same desire to do the
same thing with QuickBooks. Other customers have their
entire infrastructure within the cloud and QuickBooks was the last remaining holdout
that’s still being hosted on their file server within
their infrastructure. The other distinct advantage
of QuickBooks in the cloud is that you get to run
your QuickBooks application side by side with your
cloud-hosted FileMaker application. This is the one two punch
that people are looking for, especially when they
talk about integrating the two programs using a plugin such as our FM Books
Connector desktop plugin. So with this offering,
the user gives up nothing. They have the same experience
that they are accustomed to when they are working with
QuickBooks in the office, but now they add the added
advantage of having that hosted where it becomes available
anywhere, from any device, including mobile devices, iPad, iPhone, Windows Desktop, Mac Desktop. It really doesn’t matter because it’s a remote service offered by AWS. We’re using state of the art connectivity which gives you maximum flexibility on where you can access the files from. Now the added benefit is if you host your FileMaker files with
Productive Computing, you’ll be able to get a
super high speed connection between your FileMaker
database in the cloud and your QuickBooks files in the cloud, so integration becomes seamless, and in many cases, the connection between QuickBooks and FileMaker is actually faster within that infrastructure than it is in your own office. So this is something
that we’re really excited to be able to bring to the marketplace. And by removing your onsite
QuickBooks infrastructure, you now can get rid of the IT expenses, the additional servers you have to buy, the worry about backups, and
whether you have redundancy or durability with your
QuickBooks infrastructure, how secure is your server
in your own infrastructure, how many people have access to
the actual QuickBooks files. All of these problems go
away when you consider professional hosting from
Productive Computing. The tools and services we use to provide this solution are best in class. We’re running everything on AWS using state of the art technology with the best of breed
certified software available. We’re also AWS certified
here, so you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of experts. In addition, the entire service has been vetted and approved by intuit. In order to qualify to
provide such a service, you need to go through a
rigorous application process and certification process
where intuit checks every aspect of what we’re doing. Those strict intuit
standards are there to ensure that we treat our customers properly by way of having the best infrastructure for security and privacy available. We will set your QuickBooks file to automatically backup at night. The service is extremely
secure, using state of the art encryption technologies
and protection methods. We’re very flexible on
the QuickBooks licensing. You can bring your own licensing and provide us with the
registration information, or you can purchase the
QuickBooks licensing from us directly at a discount, in most cases much lower
than you can get on your own, because we are intuit premier
software providers as well. Stay tuned for more on
video two coming soon. We’ll have a segment on
how the software works with a demonstration where
you can see firsthand what it would look like if
you signed up for the service. And in part three, we
will provide use cases and perhaps some customer
stories about people who are already using the service to find out how they’ve benefited. I hope you enjoyed this video. For more content like
this, consider subscribing to our YouTube channel,
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    This new service has been several months in the making – we had no idea just how much was involved in getting approval /certification from Intuit. Luckily, we have been hosting FileMaker professionally for several years now, so we had the people/procedures in-place. Go team! Hopefully, this resonates with the needs of the FileMaker / QuickBooks communities. Contact us if you have more questions! Thank you and thanks for watching! – Marc Larochelle

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