FileMaker Hosting with Productive Computing, Inc.
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FileMaker Hosting with Productive Computing, Inc.

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FileMaker Hosting, the best way to ensure that your solution is always accessible, and secure. Why should you host
your FileMaker solution? Hosting your solution
allows you to have access to your data no matter where you are. Using FileMaker Server you can work in the office, from home, or on the road. With FileMaker desktop, web direct and go you can connect to your solution from your computer, the web, or your iPhone or iPad. Hosting your files
allows you create backups in the event of a malfunction you can always ensure that
you won’t lose your data. FileMaker Server licensing
gives you the flexibility to host your file yourself or use a third-party hosting company. Hosting your solution
with a third-party company reduces your IT infrastructure cost. You don’t need to worry
about how much RAM, processor and hardware you need, nor fuss with brand
and platform decisions. Hosting with a third-party
saves you the cost associated with purchasing, installing and configuring your own server. As well as maintaining
the server for things like OS updates and security patches. Backups are a huge benefit of hosting but they don’t happen magically. It takes time and effort
on a regular basis. Hosting with a third-party ensures that your backups will
be regularly scheduled and always secure. There are a lot of hosting
companies out there but your data is important. So make sure you choose
a reliable, credible and affordable partner. Here at PCI we use state
of the art data centers with the fastest throughput
speeds available, which tend to be much better than what a company could purchase on it’s own for a reasonable cost. If you choose to host
with Productive Computing you’ll have access to proven and professional FileMaker experts to help you with everything. Our staff is composed of
FileMaker certified developers, and an Amazon Web Services
certified solutions architect. Our hosting plans come complete
with fully managed servers. Meaning we take care of everything for you at no additional cost. Let’s discuss some of the features and benefits you’ll receive when hosting with Productive Computing. Reliability. We have multiple data centers and we proactively monitor for OS and FileMaker updates to ensure that we’re always running
the latest FileMaker Server. As mentioned before, when you host your solution
you’ll always have access to backups in the event
that you need them. All of our plans include
the following backups. Twice daily and a manual live option. Some plans include
additional backups schedules. In the event that you need them, your backups can be made available to you via a Dropbox link. For FileMaker Server
13 and above we ensure that all your data transfers are encrypted using an SSL certification so your files are kept safe and secure. We also use secure server facilities and limit direct server access to only the necessary ports
to run FileMaker server. Our server machines are only
used for FileMaker Server. Productive Computing offers various shared and dedicated hosting plans tailored to fit your needs. Shared hosting is ideal for clients using FileMaker Pro 7 and above with a limited number of files and smaller space requirements. Shared hosting is intended for clients who would like to use FileMaker Server versions 11 through 14. We offer two different
shared hosting plans designed to fit your businesses needs. Please reference this compatibility chart for the current server version and FileMaker Pro client connections for shared hosting. Dedicated hosting is designed for clients who are using FileMaker
Pro 13 version 9 and above, who have a large number of files and require a larger
amount of data storage. It’s also intended for hosting clients who wish to run on FileMaker
Server 15 and above. We offer three different
dedicated hosting plans based upon your company’s
data requirements. Please reference this compatibility chart for the current server version and FileMaker Pro client connections for dedicated hosting. Do you need FileMaker Server licensing? Shared hosting plans include
FileMaker Server licensing however when choosing a
dedicated hosting plan a FileMaker license is required. You may provide your own license or order one one through
Productive Computing. FileMaker licensing for teams provides an affordable option to purchase or rent the server software, along with access to FileMaker Pro. Please contact us for more information. Please visit our website for more information or contact us at
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