• vermin filmer

    Great video, But why Do people feel the Need to shoot Elephants in this day and age is beyond me. I do like your mans attitude with the partridge in spain Good chap he sees the future of shooting. ATB VF

  • Fieldsports Channel

    Fieldsports Britain – Supercharged driven partridge – Fieldsports Britain – Supercharged driven partridge A new kind of superfast partridge, grouse, salmon, a red stag, plus News Stump, Hunting YouTube, 'Hallo Charlie!' and Calendar. We're hunting/shooting/fishin… From: Fieldsports Channel Views: 143 9 ratings Time: 29:24 More in Shows http://ow.ly/2AAtmu

  • Hunt Shoot Fish

    The survival of elephants is intrinsically linked to elephant hunting. The hunting of just one old trophy elephant funds the anti poaching teams that secure the survival of 100's of others. Additionally elephants are overpopulated and destroying the habitats in certain countries (read about the Kruger). Hunting = conservation… of both the elephants, the environment they live in and the other species that live in that environment.

  • Dave Wheatley

    In the first add for AYA and Rizzini guns you ran, I thought it was tha hight of sophisication to have someone look down the other end of the barrel (01.56) before the gun checked his end,prior to boarding the gun bus. (Probably just an actor or camera angles)

  • 965Baron

    Charlie. Just love your channel.

    Have a Fur, feather n fin of my own… AKA mini macnab. Sea trout on the river Annan along with a rabbit and pigeon LOL… Keep up the good work.

  • Fieldsports Channel

    That sounds ideal – love mixed bags – Pete Carr from the Shooting Show and I had a happy climb up a hill a couple of weeks ago and got teal, trout and ptarmigan.

    / Charlie

  • Hunt Shoot Fish

    Lots of people view it as the culmination of a lifetime hunting. It doesn't have to be that expensive either if you do a PAC elephant or a tuskless cow.

  • Gustav Rosander

    Thank you for a good program, as usual.
    Noticed something at 1.53: The gun whos pointing at the chap by the little lorry. Directly at his head. Embarassing!

  • Stewart Forbes

    What a well presented and pleasurable show to watch particularly while eating steak and drinking fine red Australian wine. I do enjoy the traditions and styles of British  field sports.
    Stewart from Darwin N.T Australia.

  • diamonddog257

    from Canada :
    …''King'' …..if you want to be impressive …design a Brit gun that doesn't cost 100K$…..
    …You are 'importing' Spanish guns …. at twice the price we get them in Canada for??
    …'nuff said. ridiculous and comical.

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