Favorite Fights Hosted by Mikey πŸ‘Š  Rise of the TMNT | #TurtlesTuesday
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Favorite Fights Hosted by Mikey πŸ‘Š Rise of the TMNT | #TurtlesTuesday

♪ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ♪ Hi guys! It’s me, Mikey,
here to tell you all my favorite things about being a Ninja Turtle. Well besides pizza, Michelangelo
proudly presents Favorite Fights. [fighting] This first fight gets me
a little star-struck, because we got to take down
my favorite celebrity chef. Well, former celebrity chef.
Now he’s just an evil mutant pig. Chef Swagger!
I was wondering… – How do you get your meat so tender?
– You gotta pound it! Impact imminent. [yelling] Yeah! [hitting] Oh snap. Oh my gosh! [punching] Woo! [slamming] [groaning] Hot soup! [screaming] Next up, a fight that proves
you don’t always need ninja weapons to take down a villain. Sometimes you just need
some wicked dance moves. [music playing] [laughing] Bring it. [yelling] [crowd cheering] [music playing] Boom! It has been brought. I really hope you’re loving these fights
as much as we do. Comment below and let us know
which is your favorite so far. This fight is awesome
because our girl April gets into it. Talk about the worst birthday party ever! [yelling] [screaming] [yelling] Tibi! Yeah, it’s go time. Cowabunga! I’m gonna crack you open
like a birthday piñata! [laughing] Oh, your sorry skills make me snicker. You’re no match for
the king of birthday parties. Hey, Alberto! You know, you can’t be the king
of birthday parties without having one of your own! A birthday cakey-wakey? For meezy-weezy? We’ve also got a little song for you. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Happy birthday to– [groaning] [screaming] Sing with me, guys.
I am finishing this party! You guys know how much I love pizza,
and my brothers, and fighting, and Greek mythology. Well, this fight has it all. Cheaters! Who dares to try and eat my pizza without following the strict
customer agreement? That cannot be good. [screaming] You can’t escape me! Uh-oh… [yelling] Now you will all pay! You all tried to cheat me
out of my world’s greatest za! [moaning] What that garbage
those idiots call ‘pizza’. Wait until you try mine! [gasping] This pizza good. Well guys, it’s all led up to this. You can’t be a hero without
a really evil arch enemy. And this guy is the archiest
arch enemy we’ve got! Baron Draxum does not surrender. [fighting] Cowabunga! [groaning] – April!
– You did not just do that to our friend. [evil laughter] Whoa, magic weap– [screaming] [screaming] [moaning] Whoa! Mikey, that was awesome. Thanks for watching Favorite Fights! Comment below and tell me
what your favorite fight is, or which villain is the baddest,
or how I’m your favorite turtle. And don’t forget to watch
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, only on Nickelodeon.


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